Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Age:  14
Birthdate:  November 29, 1994
Favorite color:  silver
Favorite past time:  video games
Most overused phrase "I" hear:  "this is so unfair"

My handsome little boy who will one day learn nothing in life is fair, the lessons he learns at home will carry on into his adult life. 
You may not understand why we push good grades, set restrictions and rules that have to be followed daily.

You may not understand why some parents do not care if their children stay up all night, do not pass in school, talk back, act out in school, wear their clothes hanging off of their butts, or show no respect to adults... even if it is "just my mom"

You may not understand why you have to do yard work, dishes, shower, brush your teeth, earn your allowance, help take care of your little brother (even if he gets on your last nerve)

You may not understand why your step father sets so many limits, stays in touch with your teachers, harps on your grades, talks about what your future plans are in life....

There are alot of things you may not understand... Now...

You have some growing to do, lessons that will be learned.  You will hear on many occassions that "experience is the best teacher"  I think otherwise, one doesn't have to experience some things to learn right from wrong.  Just open your eyes and look around you.  Look at what is going on in your world, your neighborhood, your house.  Life lessons are going on around you daily.  Talk to your friends, read books, watch the news.  I can go on for ever about things you currently don't understand, but for now~  Just know I love you and I'll help you understand the answers to your "I don't understand why...." questions as they come.


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