Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can you feed a family of 6 for $4 a week?

Kathy Spencer of Massachusetts can!  If i didn't see the story on Good Morning America today, I wouldn't believe it either.  This mother of 4 has mastered the art of using coupons (hey, this my own personal opinion!)  She is able to shop to feed her family of 6 by only buying what is free or close to free, how you ask? (because I did) It starts with her sitting down once a week scanning for coupons in newspapers, circulars, and online.

The first tip she shares is for you to check your stores policy on using multiple coupons for the same order... to show how this worked, she showed 7 coupons for $1 off fresh seafood, instead of buying 4lbs of seafood and getting one dollar off of the final price, she ordered 7 small orders that totaled $1 dollar or less, using her $1 off coupons she automatically saved $7 bucks getting her seafood purchase for.... FREE!

Another tip was to stock pile store credit~  apparently many stores offer store credits in dollar amounts that can be used toward your next shopping trip (reeeally~ how come I haven't heard of this???)  For Kathy, these store credits help cover what coupons don't!

Tip 3, ask the store if any of your coupons can be doubled.  (another lesson I learned)  Many stores will let you double coupons up to 99 cents... this coupon thing is serious!

In the world of t.v magic~ we go from the grocery store and end up in the CVS parking lot... why you ask?  because Kathy uses a tool called the "Extra Care Box" which leads us to tip 4.  Many drugstores will let you combine their store coupon with a manufacturers coupon (just ask!)  by doing this, Kathy purchased a cart full of items that came to a small drugstore total of $79.26 after her coupon discounts, the total was $0.05.... (and scene)

Back in the grocery store, Kathy has finished her shopping and is having her items rung up, the total cost for her groceries, $267.23, after the lady at the register subtracts for the handful of coupons, Kathy's bill comes to a whopping $0.01!  YES, that says 1 cent, a penny, the round copper one many of us step over when we walk down the sidewalk... A PENNY FOR GROCERIES!!!  My mouth fell, my only comment:  "REALLY???"  Diane Sawyer must have been thinking the same thing by the look on her face when the camera went back to the studio.  What did I get from this segment of GMA?  "By only focusing on what you can get for free" (<--- Kathy's words) a person CAN feed a family of 6 for only $4!!!

Priceless tips that I will never take the time to use.... not because it's not worth the time, I"m just to lazy to spend the time looking, asking, and doing!

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