Monday, October 12, 2009

13 y/o boys are thinking about girls... (old post dated 5/31/08)

So, today was the Sublett household's day for the today's trading session (Yu-Gi-Oh trading that is) Austin and Paul arrived ON TIME and ready to start. they come in and take their usual spots around the dinner table and began the "lay-out" session, deck collecting, and dueling (they take this sh!t seriously!)
As they are sorting out cards I hear Austin ask, " who painted these pictures in here?" Ced tells him, "my mom, she's like an artist" Austin says "really?" and Ced replies, "well... She's not a PROFESSIONAL artist if that's what you are asking, but I think she does pretty good for it to be a hobby she uses to destress..."
That is from a 13 y/o!
then the subject of girls comes up. Paul asks Cedric, "What's up with _____" (I don't remember her name...) To which Cedric tells him "I don't know what is up with that girl, she doesn't know what she wants..." and Austin chimes in with "Do any of them ever know what they want?"

I tried not to pry or interrupt (unless necessary) because I want to let them feel that they are okay to discuss what ever they felt they had to talk about while enjoying their 2 hour time together... But I can't stop laughing and wondering, What in the world do 13 y/o boys know about girls "Not knowing what they want???"
Preteens.... this is just the beginning!

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