Monday, September 21, 2009

Why do we keep stopping?

As Landon and I took out walk (he used his scooter) I notice he would stop, step off of the scooter, raise his shirt and look at something, I figured it's probably a car he wants to make sure he didn't lose.  This happens once, the next stop is to look at his ankle that he has scratched on the wheel of the scooter, he asks for a bandaid, i tell him i don't have one, he jumps back on his scooter and keeps moving.

We stop again, after this stop he says "mommy, we have to hurry up" gets back on the scooter to ride and then gets back off.  I walk up beside him to see what he is looking at, it is a pedometer he got from the YMCA when he went out for his swim lesson.  He uses it to let him know if he is moving to slow or to fast which explains the "hurry up mommy, slow down mommy" etc...

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