Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skinny jeans are for girls...

so, I was in the mall one day and noticed a group of young men who were wearing what appeared to be skinny jeans.  My first though... 'what a neat style'  I noticed this style is not geared towards one ethnicity as you see many styles of today.  All kids; black, white, asian, spanish (etc..) are wearing this style... I like!

So I go home and ask Cedric, "what do you think about skinny jeans?" to which he replies "skinny jeans are for girls"

I leave it alone... I go on my 5 month deployment and later come home (just in time for school to start).  My thought... I'm getting Ced a pair of skinny jeans whether he likes it or not...  The kid is super skinny anyway so they are not going to fit him tight anyway!  Lonnie and I take him to Gap and have him try on  a few pair, even though he is trying to show complete distaste, I can tell from the small curl at the end of his mouth he's feeling this style more than he wants to admit!  Now I can't keep him from putting them on!!!

Tight skinny jeans are for girls...  loose fitting skinnies are for guys AND they look pretty darn cool...

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