Monday, September 14, 2009

Are there any quarters left in this town???

I made two stops on my way to work today.
The first stop at the local gourmet coffe shop: 7-11
cost $1.38, I give them 2 dollars the give me 72 cents.. in dimes, nickles, and pennies... that's cool, they may not have to many quarters~ it's early in the day...

My next stop is at the mini mart on base so that I can buy me a pack of gum on my way into work because I now have coffee breath and no toiletries on the boat (my last day of work is friday... ) since I'm here~ I may as well buy myself a bottle of water because they will only offer soda, juice, and red bull on the ship to drink... total $2.35... I pay 3 bucks and get back 65 cents... this time I only get dimes and pennies, my question to you is, "where are all the quarters"???

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