Monday, September 21, 2009

Why do we keep stopping?

As Landon and I took out walk (he used his scooter) I notice he would stop, step off of the scooter, raise his shirt and look at something, I figured it's probably a car he wants to make sure he didn't lose.  This happens once, the next stop is to look at his ankle that he has scratched on the wheel of the scooter, he asks for a bandaid, i tell him i don't have one, he jumps back on his scooter and keeps moving.

We stop again, after this stop he says "mommy, we have to hurry up" gets back on the scooter to ride and then gets back off.  I walk up beside him to see what he is looking at, it is a pedometer he got from the YMCA when he went out for his swim lesson.  He uses it to let him know if he is moving to slow or to fast which explains the "hurry up mommy, slow down mommy" etc...

This is the neatest!

Not sure where it came from or even who it belongs to...
But Landon says this is the neatest little dollshoe EVER!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Two things you DON'T want your 4 y/o to yell in a crowded grocery store...

Today was our day to go grocery shopping.  Landon and I hopped in the family car and made our way to the commisary.  Stopped in Starbucks for a latte and chocolate milk, couldn't resiste the skittle machine~ the skittles fit perfect in his green shirt with the pocket. 

Grocery basket (check),
coupons (check),
grocery list (check),
4 y/o still complaining he wants coffee instead of chocolate milk (check)

now we are ready to shop.  While picking up produce, Landon is touching everything in sight, he sees the coconuts and ask "mom, is this a big nut?"  I tell him "that is called a coconut"  and then he yells....

"Can you help me find my nuts???"

everyone in the store laughs, I walk to the next isle, I stoop to Landon's level and ask "where did you hear that?"  he says "Hammi says it on 'Over the Hedge'" I ask him not to say it anymore, he shrugs and says "okay.."

I ignore the other customers who still laugh when they see us walk down the isles, when I stop in the health and beauty section to get soap he yells,


the guy behind me giggles and says "buddy, you definately don't want THOSE pink bandaids"  Once again customers around us laugh...

 Pink bandaids pictured below...

still loving my kid...

Friday, September 18, 2009

conversations with Landon

"Mommy, I took Cedric's necklace and dropped it in the toilet"

              "why did you do that"

"he made me angry"

              "did you flush it"

"no, Cedric got it out of the toilet... It had pee-pee all over it"

              "did he rinse it off?"

"no, he just hit me and called me a jerk"


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I'm Yours..."

On the way home today "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz comes on the radio, I so love this song and sing every word of it when I hear it.  It's such a great song, the first time I heard it was on a trip to Jacksonville.  This kid everyone call Scoops sang it while Lance played the tunes to follow... I fell in love with the song immediately.  As i was saying... it came on the radio and I sang:

I sang loudly "but I won't hesitate no more, no more it cannot wait I'm yours.
well open up your mind and see like me, open up your plans and man your free
look into your heart and you'll find love, love love, love love
listen to the music at the moment people dance and sing
we're just one big happy family
and it's our godforsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved, loved.
so I won't hesit...."
Landon asks politely "mommy, please don't sing"
I reply "I love this song"
he yells
I change the station... and hum the song in my head.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are there any quarters left in this town???

I made two stops on my way to work today.
The first stop at the local gourmet coffe shop: 7-11
cost $1.38, I give them 2 dollars the give me 72 cents.. in dimes, nickles, and pennies... that's cool, they may not have to many quarters~ it's early in the day...

My next stop is at the mini mart on base so that I can buy me a pack of gum on my way into work because I now have coffee breath and no toiletries on the boat (my last day of work is friday... ) since I'm here~ I may as well buy myself a bottle of water because they will only offer soda, juice, and red bull on the ship to drink... total $2.35... I pay 3 bucks and get back 65 cents... this time I only get dimes and pennies, my question to you is, "where are all the quarters"???

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Skinny jeans are for girls...

so, I was in the mall one day and noticed a group of young men who were wearing what appeared to be skinny jeans.  My first though... 'what a neat style'  I noticed this style is not geared towards one ethnicity as you see many styles of today.  All kids; black, white, asian, spanish (etc..) are wearing this style... I like!

So I go home and ask Cedric, "what do you think about skinny jeans?" to which he replies "skinny jeans are for girls"

I leave it alone... I go on my 5 month deployment and later come home (just in time for school to start).  My thought... I'm getting Ced a pair of skinny jeans whether he likes it or not...  The kid is super skinny anyway so they are not going to fit him tight anyway!  Lonnie and I take him to Gap and have him try on  a few pair, even though he is trying to show complete distaste, I can tell from the small curl at the end of his mouth he's feeling this style more than he wants to admit!  Now I can't keep him from putting them on!!!

Tight skinny jeans are for girls...  loose fitting skinnies are for guys AND they look pretty darn cool...