Wednesday, August 5, 2009

settling in..

I have finally made it back home from our 5+ month deployment in the mediterranean/gulf. coming back home was the easy part, getting settled not so much. With my naval career coming to a close it is now time for me to concentrate on a new career, i have so many thoughts of what i want to do but find i am so far behind in the game 4 months is not close to enough time to make anything happen!
did i mention my household is a web of "pay attention to me"? from my husband, to my 14 y/o, to my 4 y/o...

mainly the youngest. he requires my undivided attention~ if i am talking to him and looking in the other direction he will put his little hands on my face and turn it to look him dead in the eye saying "pay attention to me" at the same time.

I'm working to find balance between work, upcoming career change, home, and the 3 men in my life.... seems time for myself is nothing more than a memory~ at least until I fall into some type of routine... this should be interesting..

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