Monday, August 24, 2009


Although my Navy tour is slowly coming to an end, the one thing that has made the end of this journey kick ass is the visit of my husband to Portugal. I wasn't a long visit like i would have love to enjoy but the time we did get together was great. One free trip (work included) and one ticket to buy (to get him there) the last time I was in Lisbon, I was with Sam. I remember telling her "I would love to come here with Lonnie, I think he would enjoy it...

And he did! although he had to stay an extra day by himself, he found something to keep himself busy. he took a segway tour of the city, got out on the town in the evening, and found a way to stay busy while waiting for his return home. We had such a great time although the next vacation we take together will have to be much longer, then again, any vacation we take will be well worth it~ as long as it is just the two of us!

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