Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good morning

The one thing i love most about my mornings is that my husband takes the time to text me a "what are you doing" with a pic attached. This mornings picture is of my 4 year old in the car on his way to day care. It's such a funny picture to me because up until about 2 days ago he didn't own any hats. I purchased him 4 ballcaps in black, orange, red, and camo color. My husband said that this morning our 4 y/o went to get a cap to wear, picked the red one and then changed to the orange one which coincidentally matches his orange shirt~

When i picked him up from day care day before yesterday, he had on a blue cap... that matched his blue shirt...
children are amazing in their thought process, he's coordinating his ballcaps with his shirts at 4! how funny.

I had to stand my 24 hour overnight duty on the ship so i have not seen my family since the night before we went to bed.... well, almost no one, my youngest got up about the same time as i was about to walk out the door to let me know he had wet his bed, he looked pretty hurt by the act so I took him in the bathroom, got him all cleaned up and the two of us changed his linen so that he could get back in bed before i left, he insisted on walking me to the door, before i walked out the door he tried to convince me to make him a bowl of oatmeal (at 5 in the morning) I told him it was to early and he needed to go back to bed.

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