Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grilling is for men....

Lonnie decided to take Landon swimming and leave me to grill a london broil he had marinating in a juicy smelling mixture over night. My only thought~ "this should be easy, grilling is the easiest thing on earth!"

my directions are this:

1. heat the grill on high
2. sear the meat on both sides for 2 to 3 minutes
3. turn the grill on low
4. cook the meat for about 10 minutes, flip it about 5 minutes into the time...

I HEARD: heat the grill on high, sear for 2 to 3 minutes on both sides, lower the heat to low, cook both sides 10 minutes each...

I'm thinking, while I am cooking this meat that once smelled of yummy seasoned goodness that... This thing does not look good at all! it actually looks burnt, so I take a picture and email it to my wonderful husband with the following text:

Ummmmm.... I don't think it's suppose to look like this... to which he replies (his exact words..):

       "no it damn sure wasn't suppose to look like that!"

Monday, August 24, 2009


Yesterday the family got all dolled up in our most comfy beach attire and headed out to Damn Neck for a beach wedding. While we waited, i did what I love most~
took pictures...

The boys started off calm, quiet, and in one place. After hour 2 they became restless, hungry, and Landon kept yelling "it's time to go home mommy!"

I got one last pic of Landon and we called it a night... didn't get to see a wedding (it was 2 hours late!) so we stopped at McDonalds for fries and a toy, stopped at the grocery store for bananas and orange juice and then showered and called it a night. long day... fun time


Although my Navy tour is slowly coming to an end, the one thing that has made the end of this journey kick ass is the visit of my husband to Portugal. I wasn't a long visit like i would have love to enjoy but the time we did get together was great. One free trip (work included) and one ticket to buy (to get him there) the last time I was in Lisbon, I was with Sam. I remember telling her "I would love to come here with Lonnie, I think he would enjoy it...

And he did! although he had to stay an extra day by himself, he found something to keep himself busy. he took a segway tour of the city, got out on the town in the evening, and found a way to stay busy while waiting for his return home. We had such a great time although the next vacation we take together will have to be much longer, then again, any vacation we take will be well worth it~ as long as it is just the two of us!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Because I'm delicious!

I am sitting outside watching Landon calmly dig up my side yard with a stick when i notice his legs have small scabs all over them... this is odd looking to me considering I just gave him a bath last night and didn't notice them. I aked him "Landon are those scabs from mosquito bites" to which he answers "yes, they think I'm delicious so they bite me"


he's sooo funny to me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good morning

The one thing i love most about my mornings is that my husband takes the time to text me a "what are you doing" with a pic attached. This mornings picture is of my 4 year old in the car on his way to day care. It's such a funny picture to me because up until about 2 days ago he didn't own any hats. I purchased him 4 ballcaps in black, orange, red, and camo color. My husband said that this morning our 4 y/o went to get a cap to wear, picked the red one and then changed to the orange one which coincidentally matches his orange shirt~

When i picked him up from day care day before yesterday, he had on a blue cap... that matched his blue shirt...
children are amazing in their thought process, he's coordinating his ballcaps with his shirts at 4! how funny.

I had to stand my 24 hour overnight duty on the ship so i have not seen my family since the night before we went to bed.... well, almost no one, my youngest got up about the same time as i was about to walk out the door to let me know he had wet his bed, he looked pretty hurt by the act so I took him in the bathroom, got him all cleaned up and the two of us changed his linen so that he could get back in bed before i left, he insisted on walking me to the door, before i walked out the door he tried to convince me to make him a bowl of oatmeal (at 5 in the morning) I told him it was to early and he needed to go back to bed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

settling in..

I have finally made it back home from our 5+ month deployment in the mediterranean/gulf. coming back home was the easy part, getting settled not so much. With my naval career coming to a close it is now time for me to concentrate on a new career, i have so many thoughts of what i want to do but find i am so far behind in the game 4 months is not close to enough time to make anything happen!
did i mention my household is a web of "pay attention to me"? from my husband, to my 14 y/o, to my 4 y/o...

mainly the youngest. he requires my undivided attention~ if i am talking to him and looking in the other direction he will put his little hands on my face and turn it to look him dead in the eye saying "pay attention to me" at the same time.

I'm working to find balance between work, upcoming career change, home, and the 3 men in my life.... seems time for myself is nothing more than a memory~ at least until I fall into some type of routine... this should be interesting..