Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway... first day/late entry

Wednesday 6 Jan ‘09

So, as said before, I had to come to the ship last night at 11pm… I made it here at about 1015, unpacked all my gear, stopped by my office to do some paperwork to help me get a head start, called hubby to let him know I made it to the ship safely and then went to sleep in preparation for the underway scheduled for 7am.

When I woke up this morning I realized I had not heard any announcements of “set the sea and anchor detail, USS D.D. Eisenhower will get underway at 0700” I figured I slept through all the announcements. I went into the head (bathroom) to shower- thought how odd it was that I was the only person in there. Got dressed and went down for the morning pow-wow. I am the only one here with the exception of the one person who is up drinking coffee watching the news. When I ask where everyone was he said. We are not getting underway until noon, most people just went back to sleep, breakfast, or just never got up this morning….. it is 630a.m.
At 1230p.m we have finally pulled away from the pier. The first few days away from home are always the hardest for me. I always wake up beat and down, I can barely stay awake, and I feel like crying every step of the way, as I said before, this is the hardest job anyone can have (leaving your family behind) I sit down to check my emails and get my first hello from sweetie, he tells me that Landon thinks I am coming home tonight and he feels bad that he won’t see me. We chat back and forth but I must cut it short because there is work to be completed.
I work on entering new case information in the database for alcohol incidents, and then decide to take a 2 hour lunch. 20 minutes to eat, the rest of the time to lay on the couch in my berthing (sleeping quarters) and whine about being away from my family… My lay down is cut short because there are two girls already in there watching one of the many reality shows on MTV… and I can’t do reality from M-TV (worst) One of the ladies lives in this berthing the other does not, instead of making a fuss I just walk to my rack ( x personal sized bed) and pull out a book. There is a new sailor standing there as well. We start to talk and she states she does not know what to do while underway. I take her on a mini tour of the ship (although she has been here a month), NO ONE has taken her around the ship to see what there is to offer other than her berthing and work space. I take her to the ships library that has a computer area, television area, many books, a lounge area for the crew, and the chapel for use by all hands. From there I take her to see one of the 4 gyms we have located from the forward to aft part of the ship, then up to the 02 level so that she can see where the 7-11 (our version of a mini convenient store) and gedunk (snake) machines are located for use when the main store is not available. I take her down to our self serve laundry area (like a mini Laundromat for sailors) and then show her all the locations where she can transfer money and use the phones. She is shocked to find that this has always been available to her over the last month that she has been onboard. I have immediately found me a new sailor to mentor and I am excited about it!
The rest of the day drags with a series of maintenance requirements, a few short conversations of expectations, and working on a plan of actions for getting young sailors training for responsible alcohol use. By 1048 p.m. I am beat and falling asleep in my chair. Not to mention I still have not accepted a meeting for 9a.m. with the new Admin officer to talk about my favorite subjet~ PREVENT (more on that later..)

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