Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 9 jan 09

Woke up with a headache (still) rolled out of bed but only because I can hear the people across from me as if they were laying right next to me, everything is loud, the voices seem louder, the lights look brighter, and the room feels colder.
I still have a banging headache! First stop is muster so that everyone can see I am still alive, today instead of cleaning for an hour, I lock myself in my office and lay my head on my desk. My supervisor comes in and asks if I am okay, I tell her no she sends me to bed but reminds me that I have to be at captain’s mast today at noon.
No problem…
1139a.m. I wake up panic because it is almost noon and I have to be in ward room III in less than 20 minutes. I rush to brush my teeth was the sleep out of my eyes and run to beat the captain to the cabin. Everyone is there when I walk in, a heated discussion is going on between the lieutenant and the master chief about who is responsible for getting witness, so I excuse myself and a few other junior sailors so that they don’t witness this small disagreement. My head still hurts… Mast last about 40 minutes (starts at 1230pm vice noon) from here I go find something to eat.. Hotdogs~ damn I feel like I’m 5, why in the hell do these people insist on serving grown adults hot dogs and pork and beans? What the heck are we on a major budget or what? I choose to eat a salad instead… and hour later I am hungry as hell and feel the need to go to the ships store for junk. I drink water instead and head back downstairs to lay down for about 2 more hours; my next meeting is not until 3pm. Next meeting is my damage control training team brief for tonight’s general quarters drill. I could care less about a fire drill but remind myself to stay motivated because this kind of training is what saves ships as well as lives when you are in the middle of nowhere. After the brief, I go lay down until the drill starts.
730pm. I wake to find I have missed my on station time. I jump up rush into my coveralls brush my teeth DON’T wash my face, and run to my damage control locker to get all the required props for today’s drill. 2 hours later I am in a debrief listening and wishing these people would stop talking about nothing. I stop by my office to write hubby to let him know I am thinking about him and love him and hope that he and Will have a good time this weekend. Now it is time for me to officially call it a night.

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