Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 8 jan 09

I woke up today with a massive headache, unfortunately I am all out of medicine to help make it go away. Instead of heading down to medical for assistance I grab an advil hoping it will help instead. I did nothing, I made and attempt to lay in a quiet place in hopes that my headache would go away…. Funny thing about ships~ no matter where you go there is no quiet spot, there are spots that are quieter than others but there is still that humming that ships have not matter what.
I turn on some soft jazz from my IPOD climb in my ___ x____ sleeping area, turn off my light, close and tuck in my curtains and lay there in the cold darkness for about 3 hours. Get up, eat, email hubby, get a very cute picture of Landon on his way to daycare bright and early. Start to see zig zag like lights in my vision and then think… I may need to actually go to medical this isn’t normal. I walk down they give me more elavil to help me relax. My plan is to go lay back down but when I log on to let hubby know I’m heading to bed early I notice the ships fire marshal has sent a new email about my drill package for tomorrows GQ. So instead of going to sleep as plan, I print up my old package and head out of the office to find a new place to do my drill. I make all the necessary corrections, email hubby to tell him I feel like shit and good night, send my drill package to fire marshal and head down for the night… I’m beat, I’m agitated, and my head hurts

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