Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 7 jan 09

For some reason I can not make myself wake up at a decent time of morning when I am at sea. Maybe it’s because I don’t sleep well, figure since there is no drive to work or parking to find I should sleep later… I don’t quite know why I am always late underway! So my alarm is going off for the 10th time and I look at my clock it says 0642am. I have to be at work at 7! Not to mention I still need to shower. When I am at home, my alarm normally chimes at 4 in the morning and I roll out of bed, and start my normal routine. I usually get to the parking lot at about 530in the morning even if my day does not start until 730 when we are in port I make it a habit of getting to work early to avoid the traffic delays and parking issues.
I spent my morning thinking of a way to get back to my rack to get about 2 more hours of sleep but go back to work because it is about 40 degrees in my living area. My day is spent cussing the ITs because 70% of my work is done online and I do not have access to the internet during the day (you know, because we are kids and all) so I gather my patient records and head down to the rehabilitation councelors to review patient files and get ready for upcoming treatment dates.
From there I attend a 2 hour Executive Officer Inquiry to determine whether 4 people will be smacked on the hand for their wrong doings or sent up to see the Captain for their punishment. Then it is off to a damage control meeting to discuss what fire fighting drills will be conducted for Fridays General Quarters drill, then up to school of ship to teach about 30 new sailors the importance of responsible alcohol use. At about 730p.m. We have an admin general quarters drill to ensure all new people know where they are to go and are assigned jobs as necessary, then it’s back to the office to try to get online to enter patient information in our online database… unfortunately, I can not do this because there are currently over 3000 other sailors trying to get on as well to do what they like to do when they get on the internet. After waiting for an hour, I decided it was time to call it a night…
I write my sweetie to see how his day was and apologize for not being on the computer at all during the day to at least say, “I love you and miss you” and it has only been 2 days…
It is 1122pm and I am sleepy~

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