Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 28 jan 09

0615am... we are suppose to pull in today at 1130~ i still haven't even heard them call away "set the special sea and anchor detail" this can only mean one thing.
we are either not pulling in today OR we are pulling in at a later time~

1100am... As i suspected, we are not pulling in unitl later today, not because our captain told us, but because my husband emailed to let me know our scheduled. it's crazy how those back on the beach know more about what the ship is doing than we do. It's even more odd that we are trained daily on operational security (OPSEC) and how we should never give out any information of the ships where abouts but yet the news and my SPOUSE already know what the ship is doing... crazy

1800 (6pm) we are in port finally, i told huby to be here at about 7:30pm but for some reason he came around the time he felt would be better. During the course of pulling in and getting the elevators down and brow set (along with a fire, medical emergancies, AND loss of power) 7:50pm is about the time we all started to leave the ship.

Hubby is pissed by this time because he has not eaten, has spent the last 2 hours in the car with a 3 year old who did not want to be strapped in a car seat, and could not call me on my cell... (because my cell phone was dead, who needs a cell phone while underway? we can't even get a signal when we are out so far!)

At any rate, I am home... for about 2 weeks anyway~

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