Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 23 jan 09

0615a.m… I must be sick, I never wake up before 630 unless I can’t find my alarm clock!
0825am.. why would a person show up almost an hour late for cleaning stations and say “I’m here to clean?” where he hell were you at when EPH was called away to start at 0735am? Take your butt back to where ever it is you have been hiding, we don’t need you down here…

this has become the norm for the ladies who live in this area. They hide out for a majority of the field day time and then try to show face so when their supervisors ask "wher have you been?" they can say "I cleaned in berthing" for someone who has not paid attention for the cleaning hour, this will get someone out of trouble for not being at their appointed place of duty. Unfortunately, I have been in the berthing area for the last two weeks, I pay attention to everything~ who is not pulling their weight, who is doing a half ass job, who is just down there to get away from their supervisors (i normally send them packing because they are only in te way of the ladies who are down there to actually clean...)

1000... Survey time, this comes around every quarter (3 months) All I do is sit in an area and wait for about 2 hours for sailors to come down and do what is called a crash survey, it is for an experiment to gauge training provided for sailors on drinking habits and the likes. the same 50 people come down for the survey and they complain every time they come down.

1627 (4:27pm) eat dinner, head up for a study session for my enlisted air warfare designator.. I think I know everything but we will see in a few days.

1933 (7:33pm) It's bed time, i will have to shower in the morning. I'm beat.

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