Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 19 jan 09

632… the shower area has a line of people waiting to shower, every day I tell myself to start showering at night to avoid all this waiting in line stuff unfortunately my skin drys out really bad if I shower more than twice a day, so far I’m getting wet first thing in the morning (630am) and immediately after I leave the gym in the afternoon (530pm). I sit in an office pretty much my full day feeling my mid section grow by the day. I need to get back out on the deck plates before I really blow up. I’m trying to stay in shape but it is so hard out here with the greasy food, cold veggies, and dirty lettuce.
1140… I am hungry as heck but I skip the mess decks. The food has been more than disappointing every time I walk down there so I scrounge around inside my desk drawer and find a pack of ramon noodles to eat instead~ ummmm healthy!
I don’t do shit for the rest of the day, talk to everyone around the ship sit down in the machine shop with all the other hull maintenance technicians and machinery repairmen and eat icecream provided by our culinary specialist (more mid-section growth…)
1947(747pm) I walk up to my office just to show face. My chief has flown back on the ship, he looks like ass, I ask how the flight onto the ship was (been there done that, don’t want to do it again..) he says he feels a little shaken and requires about 2 hours of rest to calm his nerves. I tell him I am off to a study session for EAWS and head down to berthing to watch television.
2259(1059pm) I am laying in my rack learning how to use my new laptop I just HAD to bring out here… I am starting to wonder the real reason I asked for it, doesn’t make any sense. I’m suppose to be using it to help me write my childrens books on being separated from military parents but it’s like I sit down and find myself doing everything but writing. This sucks… night

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