Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 17 jan 09

Its Saturday morning and I do not want to get out of my rack… I go to quarters late (again) nothing new put out here. The senior DCTT member of my locker stops me in mid step to let me know he needs ME to write another drill package… are f-ing kidding me? Where are the other 5 people who take credit for this job every evaluation cycle? I tell him not to take this the wrong way but I’m not going to write the package this time. I have a study session for my enlisted air warfare qualification board and I also have to go to training for my control material qualification.
1200, lunch out here is a real funny thing to me, it always sounds good when you read it in the plan of the day, when you get there it looks nothing like you envisioned it would look. The chicken parmesan looks like a frozen chicken patty with parmesan cheese spread on top of it~ not what I expected at all, the (canned) vegetables are over cooked, and the bread is hard as a rock. The dessert looks so very yummy but I have to pass, this is my strict healthy eating and exercising underway period…. I have a trip coming up and I want to look half way decent when I throw on a tight fitting shirt… I settle for a salad, unfortunately, the salad lettuce looks as if it was run through a washing maching and then rolled in dirt~ no lie, it really looks like it has dirt on it. I ask the food service attendant (FSA) if that is pepper on the lettuce, she laughs at me as if I just told the best joke ever and walks away to tell another girl and they both point and laugh at me as if I am joking with them. I skip the salad and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, only AFTER I toast the bread… remember, it is hard as a rock
I get a call about a waiver package for a sailor who has had 2 DUIs, they want to know what the status is. I tell them I’ll call them back and decide to go work out instead.
1700.. I still have not called the division back for a status on the waiver package, probably because I haven’t even started it~ such a long tedious process, one of those cross your T’s and dot your I’s situation. I head over to classroom 2 to teach another Alcohol-Aware class, as always the class is hot as ever and the sailors are not happy to be here. Instead of the usual 4 hour class, I drop all of the videos and do a discussion type of setting. An hour later training is complete and we all leave and go our separate ways.
2137… Once again I’m calling it an early night. I kind of figured if I sleep my nights away as early as possible, my underway time will go much quicker only there is one problem~ I’m still having a problem sleeping at night…

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