Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 16 jan 09

500am… I can’t sleep for shit anymore. I came to my rack at about 1030pm feeling tired but as soon as I laid down it was toss and turn, scratch, scratch, turn scratch, get up walk to get a drink of water, take another elavil, scratch, try sleeping again now I am laying here at 5 in the morning freezing in my small box we call a coffin rack…
I am scheduled to chair this month’s Navy drug and alcohol council this month with the CO, XO, and CMC but feel a bit ill prepared. The one thing I know will happen for sure, either me or my senior chief are going to get our assess chewed in the worse way about this PREVENT 2000 training we are required to run every sailor between the ages of 18 and 25 through before we start our journey to the med. Not going to happen, now that the course is only offered by a handful of civilians and even less military personnel it is almost impossible to get a facilitator to come out and help us with the necessary training and the CO is NOT trying to hear excuses, especially not right now.
Isn’t funny how we fuss at our kids but when our boss does it to us, we get our panties in a bunch because we feel we should not have to listen to this bull trash~ I am really understanding how kids feel when they are chastised or punished with a tongue lashing. Good thing it was canceled… too bad the 1500 (3pm) damage control training team brief (DCTT) isn’t canceled. Why don’t they cancel stuff like this?
“General quarters, general quarters all hands to muster for general quarters, routes to general quarter’s station are up and forward on the starboard side, down and aft on the port side. All hands make manned and ready reports to DC central” it is now 730pm. We conducted a 2 hour fire drill from start to finish, fire team did great. These kids are the best… now if I could only get all these other adults on board I will have one kick ass damage control repair locker (DCRL)
Great, just before my head reached my pillow I hear that famous 5 whistles on the 1MC… man overboard, man overboard, all hands muster. Man overboard recovery will be the ready rib boat. Who the hell keeps throwing chem. lights in the water? It is 11 pm for crying out loud~ not that I was sleep or anything but I WAS comfortable in my warm rack. At the end of this man overboard the captain told the crew he would give someone 500 dollars and they will fly off the ship early if they turn this “chem. Light bandit” in for putting our ship and sailors in danger by throwing these lights in the water… we will see how this works out… it is officially later: 1206 am…

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