Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 15 jan 09

532a.m… another head ache. Did I mention I have spent the last year studying for a test that is given once a year for those few hopefuls who will move up the ranks to E7… I am one of those hopefuls although my hopes are just that. My job has made it in the bottom 5 rates that advance as many as 10 people at a time (that’s 10 out of 280+ possible candidates) 3 hour test with a throbbing headache… This is getting to be a bit extreme. Test is over and I’m sitting in quiet (in boat terms, quiet is hearing jets catapulting off the flight deck and landing as they complete their training)I am watching TV with the volume turn on muter, while watching the scroll on cctv (close circuit television: controlled by the ships media dept) I notice there is a note about Anthrax…
The notes are scrolling a bit fast for my blurry eyes to read so I will have to stop down to get a phamplet for this shot I was REQUIRED to take, head aches…. That’s a symptom or an reaction to the shot… I just took a booster shot for anthrax, to this day I don’t understand why you HAVE to take this shot or you will be administratively processed out of the navy for not complying to a written general order, I am not even sure what it is really for or even how it effects the body. All I can really say is that I did a series of three shots several years ago with no problems. This shot I took yesterday is different, first starters it hurt like hell and burned like an iron. My whole left shoulder is swollen and it itches as if I have laid in a bag of poison oak! My head ach will not go away either I have taken one to many elavil for the pain behind my eyes and the only thing I get for results is a feeling that I will tumble over in the a deep coma like sleep at any moment now.
I could go on longer but I am still tired as heck and need to call it a night. Bed time at 713pm… wow~

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