Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 13 jan 09

This whole being in charge thing is pretty stressful sometimes, but I find I work a lot harder and my day goes faster when I am under stress. The first part of my day is spent teaching 20 somethings how to clean berthing (our shared home if you will..) It makes me sometimes wonder what their houses look like. If I see mold, I immediately clean it… if they see mold, they spray it with water and call it a day. What are we teaching our kids these days? Do we do all the work for them now? Iron their clothes, clean their rooms, do their laundry? It baffles me that a 20 year old woman does not know that when you sweep a floor, you sweep the corners of the floor too~ don’t leave the dust bunnies in the corner to collect and scatter when you whisk your broom by them!! Seriously people take time to do things the right way… working with me will only cause me to talk to you like a 3 year to make sure you understand how to do your job correctly and THEN I will make you do it over!
I was fortunate enough to spent 3 hours in a discipline review board (woohoo…). We found 1 sailor claims the world is conspiring against him and I truly think he is in desperate need of a psychologist, one sailor guilty of doing marijuana (although he swears he does not do drugs!) Drug labs don’t lie! If a positive “pop” comes up on a sample it is screen two more times by two other individuals to ensure the positive is a true positive…. Sorry guy~ you smoked THC and thought you could get away with it! Then there was another sailor who I honestly don’t think he was aware of some medicine he was taking, as much as I hate to say, I think some people are not bright in the things they do… but this sailor seems to be telling the truth to me, he doesn’t seem like a liar, his supervisors submitted him for a on he spot promotion that he actually got! He thinks highly of his family and his career but this prescription drug “pop” has us all baffled. When asked if he has ever taken medicine from someone he knows for a headache or something, he says only Tylenol.. I would hate to see this guy go home for something I seriously don’t think he was aware of… he has done the research on the medicine he is accused of taking and says there would be no reason for anything like that to even be in his home considering no one in his family is sick. It’s crazy, the one thing the military is 100 percent on is it’s zero tolerance to drugs so we’ll see how this case goes.
At about 715pm I head down to my damage control locker to prepare for general quarters. This is actually becoming a pain in my ass, there are 7 damage control training team members but when ever a drill package has to be generated it seems that I am the one who gets called to do it, I don’t know if it’s because everyone else is afraid to write them or just plain lazy, when I was in my rack sick for the full day I receive 2 visits… both with the same conversation “Sublett, Senior wants to know if you wrote the package for Tuesday’s drill” the first person went back up and told him I was asleep, when he told her to wake me she told him, “I am not getting cussed out for waking that woman up!” the second person was not so lucky, she left while saying I’m sorry I woke you but he wanted me to come down and wake you about the package~ hello, I am the most junior person in the locker…. Why am I the one who has to brief the drill, debrief the drill, find the props, find the space, write the package.. What would these people do if I had to leave the ship tomorrow???? Anywho, general quarters, shower, blog, bed. I’ll talk to you guys in the morning…

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