Saturday, February 14, 2009

home 9 feb '09

day was a blur. woke up bright and early to take my mom to the airport, wish we had more time to visit... she has to get back home to take care of my nephew who has cebral palsey, she felt bad about leaving to come up here when she has him at home to care for. I really appreciate the fact she came anyway, I have lived in my home for over 5 years now and this is the first time she has come up to visit since we have moved in to our place. I was really excited about her coming up and hope that she comes up when we come back from our deployment. I have been in the navy for almost 20 years and she has never seen me leave or return from a deployment... she has never even visited any of the ships I have been stationed on in the past~ hopefully she will be able to make it up. I told her just to bring my nephew with her, that way she can relax and enjoy her time away from all of the other adults she takes care of (because they are to lazy to take care of themselves!) That has always been my mom, take care of everyone~ hopefully they will take care of her if she ever needs it


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