Wednesday, February 4, 2009

home 4 feb 09

As always the morning starts at 430 am when I am in port, what i had planned to be a short day did not turn out as such.

It seemed as the minute I mention to my supervisor that i plan to leave early to pick up my mom from the airport and she agrees~ all hell breaks loose

1:30pm... I am at XOI... I keep asking the judge "why are we here during a stand down?" but he does not have an answer...

4pm... leaving the ship, I have no clue what I should cook for dinner. Cedric needs to be picked up from school, Lonnie has a headach, and my mom keeps calling to ask when we are going to the grocery store (the freezer full of food means there is 'NOTHING" in the fridge to eat.

6pm... quick stop at the grocery store, cook dinner, have a beer. I'm not working tomorrow and I need this break!!

9:42pm... I'm 2 beers into a night and in dire need of sleep. Enjoy the evening

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