Monday, February 2, 2009

home 31 jan 09

0755am... Woke up to the smell of coffee.

1233.. finally got up and cleaned house, dressed, and headed out the door to do some shopping, the plan was to use about 400 dollars on items needed for my 6+ month deployment to the med. first stop:

New York and Comapany... they have the white peacoat I fell in love with on sale!!! to bad it's still $130 bucks even with the discount... hubby suggest we walk down to Gap.

Gap... I need at least 2 pair of khaki pants and a pair of jeans, as i scour the shelves I pick up 2 pair (at $58 each) and some awesome jeans (78 bucks...) As I'm looking for a few shirts to wear hubby calls to for me to come back to see the pants he has tried on, while giving him the once over I look to my right and notice there are more khaki pants on a rack, I pick up a pair and notice they are $7.97... Big sale: shirts starting at $3.99 the most expensive top I bought is a rose colored herringbone vest for $16.97... Half an hour later I walk out with two big bags and have only spent 139 dollars... AWESOME!!

830pm... hubby and i drop off Landon at Victoria's and head over to Bonefish Gille, dinner and conversation with my sweetie is to be treasured, we don't get to spend this alone time with each other as much as I would like. So we make the most of it and enjoy the night.

1027pm... We meet Angelica, Emily, and Thomas at Guadalajara's (a small hot spot out in Virginia Beach) Once inside we meet Isacc and the first round of drinks comes our way... I skip out on the drinks tonight, although it is our adult date night, we are hanging out about 30 miles away from our house and the cab fare from here pushes 80 bucks.... I skip out on drinks in an effort to drive home (not to mention, I have to pick up my son from daycare!!!)

1200am.. time to go home, unfortunately hubby is not ready to go and Isaac really wants him to stay a bit longer... So we stop to pick up little boy and call it an evening... good think too, my 3 y/o wakes up at the crack of dawn!

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