Monday, February 2, 2009

home 30 Jan 09

0630am... what seemed like a long duty day is finally over, woke up to a cold shower, not just cold... ICE cold!

turn over went fairly well, couldn't find duty legal and the khakis are fussing at me about their sailors not making the list for the upcoming prevent class. All I want to do is leave early!

1127am.. I left early, even if i was suppose to stay all day~ I left to go over to the exchange to be fitted for the new "navy working uniform" (NWU)it was a cluster f*ck. excuse my language but it makes no sense to buy a new uniform when I get out in less than 7 months... one uniform equals... $79 for the boots/$39 for the blouse/$35 for the trousers/$6.75 for the hat/$175 for the jacket/and $60 for a liner... oh~ i still have to buy 2 name tags ($2.75) a surface and air warfare designator ($4.50) E6 crows ($2.75) and an E6 crow for my hat ($1.50)

thats for one complete uniform~

632pm... just got home, for dinner I made Pad thai, the family loves it and they are happy to have something cooked vice out of a frozen bag (or take out) I'm tired and getting ready to head to bed..

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