Saturday, February 14, 2009

home 13 feb 09

I think me and my husband are the only two people who were not aware that this was valentines day weekend.

Our plans for tonight were to go out to dinner and drinks with friends. We went to Bedegas a tapas bar located across the bridge, great food awesome service, worth the drive. we have a great dinner and then go to meet a few of my husbands friends for drinks, turns out to be some really funny conversations and lots of laughs. the waitress calls us the party table~ i guess it's safe to say we are the loudest guest in the place but no one seems to have a problem with us- many of them look as if they want to come join us... unfortunately there are not enought seats nor is there any room to place a drink on our table...

it was great to get out again and enjoy the time off with good food, friends, and conversation...

enjoy the night

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