Saturday, February 14, 2009

home 11 feb 09

my only plan for today~


Got it finished and just in time for hubby to come in and want to cuddle. if I was still sewing he would have been right over my shoulder the whole time saying, "let's lay down for an hour before I go out for my run..." as good as that sounds when you are days away from leaving the country you want to ensure you have everything you need standing by and waiting for delivery to the ship.

you also want to make sure you get time with your family but I find that i get annoyed when I am working on one thing and get interrupted for hugs and cuddling...

but hugs are needed so i suck it up~ no need to complain... I could be that wife who gets no attention at all, so, its worth the "suck it up" for all the hugs and cuddles I can get over these next fow days, I will miss them dearly when I am gone.

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