Saturday, February 14, 2009

home 10 feb 09

today was a rush, pick up uniforms, find something decent to cook for the family (considering they will not eat right the whole 6 months I am out of the country) I run to the store to stock up on underware but I am having a hard time finding polo shirts that do not cost 60+ dollars and ones that are not so dirt cheap that they unravel or shrink just from looking at them. I guess women are not wearing polo style shirts anymore, at least I don't see them wearing them anymore. The shirts seem to have gotten tighter and the cuts seem to have gotten lower (and no one seems to be complaining)

Today I am the complainer~ I can't wear anything like that over sea, especially in countries in the middle east! I go for the easiest thing a woman can find... t-shirts, some scoop neck other's are v-neck, at any rate I can layer them and get an approving nod as I leave to tour what ever country we decide to hit. The next thing on my list to take care of are shoes... must be comfortable, easy to clean, and small enough to store- thank goodness I wear a size 6!

didn't find the shoes I will probably need for long days of walking and touring, but I did find a beautiful pair of black etienne agner pumps that will go great with my skinny jeans (that I will have to wear sometimes soon considering I am leaving the country soon!) It seems as if I got nothing completed today but that's okay, if I forget anything for cruise~ it is obvious that I didn't really need it in the first place

Enjoy your evening...

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