Monday, February 2, 2009

home 1 feb 09

1200pm... I'm just getting out of bed, my husband and kid are showered, dressed, and have eaten breakfast.. I am really tired, probably because I don't go out dancing until midnight any more...

350pm... I finally pull myself out of bed, shower, and go out to the garage to see what hubby is up to. Hubby and Brian are out in the garage working on one of the motorcycles, it's about 60 degrees.... maybe I should get my kid out of the house for a few hours.

429pm.. Me and Landon hop in the truck and go to the grocery store for water, as always he tries to convince me that I should buy him candy... I refuse... he stops asking. We get back into the truck and head over to the park. We stay at the playground for at least an hour and then he says "mom, I'm getting cold let's go home"

We leave

630pm... sweetie grills steaks, makes sweet potatoes, and salad for dinner. Landon has his usual (peanut butter and jelly) and Cedric says he is not hungry.. probably because he has stuffed his self on a smores recipe he made for himself. As I'm eating dinner I notice Landon can't hold his head up. I go ask if he is okay and he tells me "bathtime mommy, please bathtime mommy" we don't do bath time until 8pm. I tell him to wait but he is so tired he wants to take a bath now. I give him his bath, dress him in his night clothes, warm his milk for him to drink, and then walk him to his room for bedtime.

955pm... I'm going to bed, I'm beat for some reason.

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