Sunday, February 8, 2009

Florida 7 feb 09

woke up hot as hell. Yajaira keeps the house at a cool 75 degrees... in florida!!! The day started out slow, hubby and Ray went out to dunken doughnuts and got coffee and doughnuts for us then Ray headed to work.

My close friend Kimy lives here so today the plan is to go see Kim and her 3 kids that i have not seen in over 4 years. they are all so intelligent and beautiful.. The youngest, Sajon, has the most beautiful head of thick hair that I have ever laid eyes on. My husband kept calling him Troy Pollo~somthing football player for the stealers (I dont know jack about football, I just watch it with my husband because all his friends are to far away to come watch it with him!)

Kim's mom is visiting as well and she made us all lunch, Pho, a vietenemese dish that my husband loves very much and Ms. Susan made it special for us. she is awesome.

We went to dinner at Shogun, a japanese steakhouse for dinner and then to a club called Marks~ I had an awesome time, I danced until my feet hurt. if anyone should ever ask "what is Cynthia's most favorite thing to do?" everyone who truley knows me should respond.... "DANCE"

Our night out ended at 244am... as always it was good times with good friends. Chuck, Ray, Yajaira, hubby and myself had a great time and I'm ready for more to come...


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