Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florida 6 Feb 09

0530am.... Sweetie woke me up at early to get dressed for my mini vacation, our flight leaves at 0730 and it will take about 30 minutes to get to the airport (traffic pending)

Arrived in Jacksonville at 0930, went to get our rental car~ mid size economy car... PT Cruiser~ blue in color (although it looks like periwinkle to me...) my husband feels very manly driving this car, especially when people are staring at him laughing at this huge looking guy driving this girl friendly car.. it's pretty funny and cute I might add..

We meet Ray for lunch and have coffee at Starbucks while sucking up the rays. When we left Virginia this morning it was 12 degrees, so when you are sitting in sunny florida it seems very warm even if the temp is no higher than 45 degrees!

From there we venture out to the open air mall and enjoy more sunlight, stop by one of my favorite stores GAP so that i can purchase a few tops and stop by a store I have never heard of before but they have the most awesome clothes there, clothes that are truly me but not worn by me (i can never leave the ship in the type of clothes that they sell..

530pm... we go out to this place call Whitey's to hear Ace and Lance play. Great set! another guy "Scoops" got up with Lance to sing the best night ever (would have been better if the place was warm. It ws great to get out and enjoy the night with some pretty cool people.

1127pm... the original plan was to go to Dean's house to get some more live music in and chill for the rest of the nights with drinks and good company... Hubby decided last minute he was tired and ready to call it a night... it was all good, no complaints from me so I turned the GPS on, mapped in Charey and Ray's place and heading to our sleeping spot for the night..

Great first night in sunny Florida.
Enjoy the night

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