Sunday, February 15, 2009

home 15 feb '09

I did not do much today,

Matt stopped by to get a list of items that I wanted completed on the house while I am out of the country for the next several months. I was thinking about getting 2 of the four sliding doors taken out of the sunroom but I am concerened about the amount of light we would take from the area.

definately need the sunroom and kitchen retiled, cabinets resurfaced, and all the doors in the house either replaced or painted... lots to do..

ended the day with lunch with my 14 y/o and an awesome trip to the bookstore. I hope the reading continues for Cedric as he gets older.

Bed time

home 14 feb '09

today is valentines day... but i don't normally celebrate it, and won't do it today either!

I spent most of my morning cleaning house, and passing kisses back and forth to my husband, chasing my 3 y/o, and trying to figure out why my 14 y/o got 4 zeros this week for not comleting his homework..

I took Landon to McDonalds for about 2 hours so that he could get some time out of the house and relax, from there we picked up a movie, stopped by the grocery store to find somethig to cook for dinner and then home to make a quick dinner that turned out to only include hubby and myself.

After dinner we watched a movie and then called it a night.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

home 13 feb 09

I think me and my husband are the only two people who were not aware that this was valentines day weekend.

Our plans for tonight were to go out to dinner and drinks with friends. We went to Bedegas a tapas bar located across the bridge, great food awesome service, worth the drive. we have a great dinner and then go to meet a few of my husbands friends for drinks, turns out to be some really funny conversations and lots of laughs. the waitress calls us the party table~ i guess it's safe to say we are the loudest guest in the place but no one seems to have a problem with us- many of them look as if they want to come join us... unfortunately there are not enought seats nor is there any room to place a drink on our table...

it was great to get out again and enjoy the time off with good food, friends, and conversation...

enjoy the night

home 12 feb 09

I got a new book today called twilight~

so far so good, I did absolutely nothing today except read my book.... this is good...

home 11 feb 09

my only plan for today~


Got it finished and just in time for hubby to come in and want to cuddle. if I was still sewing he would have been right over my shoulder the whole time saying, "let's lay down for an hour before I go out for my run..." as good as that sounds when you are days away from leaving the country you want to ensure you have everything you need standing by and waiting for delivery to the ship.

you also want to make sure you get time with your family but I find that i get annoyed when I am working on one thing and get interrupted for hugs and cuddling...

but hugs are needed so i suck it up~ no need to complain... I could be that wife who gets no attention at all, so, its worth the "suck it up" for all the hugs and cuddles I can get over these next fow days, I will miss them dearly when I am gone.

home 10 feb 09

today was a rush, pick up uniforms, find something decent to cook for the family (considering they will not eat right the whole 6 months I am out of the country) I run to the store to stock up on underware but I am having a hard time finding polo shirts that do not cost 60+ dollars and ones that are not so dirt cheap that they unravel or shrink just from looking at them. I guess women are not wearing polo style shirts anymore, at least I don't see them wearing them anymore. The shirts seem to have gotten tighter and the cuts seem to have gotten lower (and no one seems to be complaining)

Today I am the complainer~ I can't wear anything like that over sea, especially in countries in the middle east! I go for the easiest thing a woman can find... t-shirts, some scoop neck other's are v-neck, at any rate I can layer them and get an approving nod as I leave to tour what ever country we decide to hit. The next thing on my list to take care of are shoes... must be comfortable, easy to clean, and small enough to store- thank goodness I wear a size 6!

didn't find the shoes I will probably need for long days of walking and touring, but I did find a beautiful pair of black etienne agner pumps that will go great with my skinny jeans (that I will have to wear sometimes soon considering I am leaving the country soon!) It seems as if I got nothing completed today but that's okay, if I forget anything for cruise~ it is obvious that I didn't really need it in the first place

Enjoy your evening...

home 9 feb '09

day was a blur. woke up bright and early to take my mom to the airport, wish we had more time to visit... she has to get back home to take care of my nephew who has cebral palsey, she felt bad about leaving to come up here when she has him at home to care for. I really appreciate the fact she came anyway, I have lived in my home for over 5 years now and this is the first time she has come up to visit since we have moved in to our place. I was really excited about her coming up and hope that she comes up when we come back from our deployment. I have been in the navy for almost 20 years and she has never seen me leave or return from a deployment... she has never even visited any of the ships I have been stationed on in the past~ hopefully she will be able to make it up. I told her just to bring my nephew with her, that way she can relax and enjoy her time away from all of the other adults she takes care of (because they are to lazy to take care of themselves!) That has always been my mom, take care of everyone~ hopefully they will take care of her if she ever needs it


florida 8 Feb '09

it's been a few days, I have been getting my things together in preparation for my upcoming deployment to places unknown...

The trip home from florida was an eventful one. I rushed my sweetie to get ready so that we could make it to the airport in time to turn in our rental and make it to the gate. What we found out AFTER we turned in our rental car is our flight would be delayed for 4 hours

hubby was NOT happy~

so at 7pm we finally boarded our plane for our flight back home. My mom had cooked us dinner thinking we would be home at 5 (as scheduled) it sucked I didn't call her before she cooked and like the southern girl she is~ she made a kick ass dinner~ that was cold before we made it home... hubby ate anyway, i was full from my sandwich I purchased from Chili's too...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Florida 7 feb 09

woke up hot as hell. Yajaira keeps the house at a cool 75 degrees... in florida!!! The day started out slow, hubby and Ray went out to dunken doughnuts and got coffee and doughnuts for us then Ray headed to work.

My close friend Kimy lives here so today the plan is to go see Kim and her 3 kids that i have not seen in over 4 years. they are all so intelligent and beautiful.. The youngest, Sajon, has the most beautiful head of thick hair that I have ever laid eyes on. My husband kept calling him Troy Pollo~somthing football player for the stealers (I dont know jack about football, I just watch it with my husband because all his friends are to far away to come watch it with him!)

Kim's mom is visiting as well and she made us all lunch, Pho, a vietenemese dish that my husband loves very much and Ms. Susan made it special for us. she is awesome.

We went to dinner at Shogun, a japanese steakhouse for dinner and then to a club called Marks~ I had an awesome time, I danced until my feet hurt. if anyone should ever ask "what is Cynthia's most favorite thing to do?" everyone who truley knows me should respond.... "DANCE"

Our night out ended at 244am... as always it was good times with good friends. Chuck, Ray, Yajaira, hubby and myself had a great time and I'm ready for more to come...


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florida 6 Feb 09

0530am.... Sweetie woke me up at early to get dressed for my mini vacation, our flight leaves at 0730 and it will take about 30 minutes to get to the airport (traffic pending)

Arrived in Jacksonville at 0930, went to get our rental car~ mid size economy car... PT Cruiser~ blue in color (although it looks like periwinkle to me...) my husband feels very manly driving this car, especially when people are staring at him laughing at this huge looking guy driving this girl friendly car.. it's pretty funny and cute I might add..

We meet Ray for lunch and have coffee at Starbucks while sucking up the rays. When we left Virginia this morning it was 12 degrees, so when you are sitting in sunny florida it seems very warm even if the temp is no higher than 45 degrees!

From there we venture out to the open air mall and enjoy more sunlight, stop by one of my favorite stores GAP so that i can purchase a few tops and stop by a store I have never heard of before but they have the most awesome clothes there, clothes that are truly me but not worn by me (i can never leave the ship in the type of clothes that they sell..

530pm... we go out to this place call Whitey's to hear Ace and Lance play. Great set! another guy "Scoops" got up with Lance to sing the best night ever (would have been better if the place was warm. It ws great to get out and enjoy the night with some pretty cool people.

1127pm... the original plan was to go to Dean's house to get some more live music in and chill for the rest of the nights with drinks and good company... Hubby decided last minute he was tired and ready to call it a night... it was all good, no complaints from me so I turned the GPS on, mapped in Charey and Ray's place and heading to our sleeping spot for the night..

Great first night in sunny Florida.
Enjoy the night

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

home 4 feb 09

As always the morning starts at 430 am when I am in port, what i had planned to be a short day did not turn out as such.

It seemed as the minute I mention to my supervisor that i plan to leave early to pick up my mom from the airport and she agrees~ all hell breaks loose

1:30pm... I am at XOI... I keep asking the judge "why are we here during a stand down?" but he does not have an answer...

4pm... leaving the ship, I have no clue what I should cook for dinner. Cedric needs to be picked up from school, Lonnie has a headach, and my mom keeps calling to ask when we are going to the grocery store (the freezer full of food means there is 'NOTHING" in the fridge to eat.

6pm... quick stop at the grocery store, cook dinner, have a beer. I'm not working tomorrow and I need this break!!

9:42pm... I'm 2 beers into a night and in dire need of sleep. Enjoy the evening

home 3 feb 09

0630am... voices of my bunkmates woke me out of a deep sleep~ good thing, I have to turn over at 715 this morning.

My plan was to leave early today, didn't happen... maybe tomorrow. My mom has an arrival time of 1:30pm so I'll leave early tomorrow instead so that I can meet her at the airport.

3pm... finally leaving the ship. I found a recipe for chicken, bokchoy, and couscous. sounds good, we'll see.

9pm... dinner was great (so I think) Hubby said he could have done without the bok choy which i thought was awesome! anywho, Enjoy your evening.

Monday, February 2, 2009

home 2 feb 09

0422am... I wake up before the alarm clock goes off. It is hot as ever in our room and Landon has made his way in here sometime during the night.

0715am... duty section turnover. this lets me know i have a long day ahead of me, I do not like duty days!

1100am... I do my hour and 30 minute alcohol awareness training for all the new reporting people on the ship but don't feel like doing much else. I feel like a bum for some reason

6pm.. duty section muster, i do nothing else, read a magazine, and watch trading spouses on CMT.

1137pm... I'm tired as heck, I'm heading down to take a shower (before the hot water goes away..) Enjoy the night.

home 1 feb 09

1200pm... I'm just getting out of bed, my husband and kid are showered, dressed, and have eaten breakfast.. I am really tired, probably because I don't go out dancing until midnight any more...

350pm... I finally pull myself out of bed, shower, and go out to the garage to see what hubby is up to. Hubby and Brian are out in the garage working on one of the motorcycles, it's about 60 degrees.... maybe I should get my kid out of the house for a few hours.

429pm.. Me and Landon hop in the truck and go to the grocery store for water, as always he tries to convince me that I should buy him candy... I refuse... he stops asking. We get back into the truck and head over to the park. We stay at the playground for at least an hour and then he says "mom, I'm getting cold let's go home"

We leave

630pm... sweetie grills steaks, makes sweet potatoes, and salad for dinner. Landon has his usual (peanut butter and jelly) and Cedric says he is not hungry.. probably because he has stuffed his self on a smores recipe he made for himself. As I'm eating dinner I notice Landon can't hold his head up. I go ask if he is okay and he tells me "bathtime mommy, please bathtime mommy" we don't do bath time until 8pm. I tell him to wait but he is so tired he wants to take a bath now. I give him his bath, dress him in his night clothes, warm his milk for him to drink, and then walk him to his room for bedtime.

955pm... I'm going to bed, I'm beat for some reason.

home 31 jan 09

0755am... Woke up to the smell of coffee.

1233.. finally got up and cleaned house, dressed, and headed out the door to do some shopping, the plan was to use about 400 dollars on items needed for my 6+ month deployment to the med. first stop:

New York and Comapany... they have the white peacoat I fell in love with on sale!!! to bad it's still $130 bucks even with the discount... hubby suggest we walk down to Gap.

Gap... I need at least 2 pair of khaki pants and a pair of jeans, as i scour the shelves I pick up 2 pair (at $58 each) and some awesome jeans (78 bucks...) As I'm looking for a few shirts to wear hubby calls to for me to come back to see the pants he has tried on, while giving him the once over I look to my right and notice there are more khaki pants on a rack, I pick up a pair and notice they are $7.97... Big sale: shirts starting at $3.99 the most expensive top I bought is a rose colored herringbone vest for $16.97... Half an hour later I walk out with two big bags and have only spent 139 dollars... AWESOME!!

830pm... hubby and i drop off Landon at Victoria's and head over to Bonefish Gille, dinner and conversation with my sweetie is to be treasured, we don't get to spend this alone time with each other as much as I would like. So we make the most of it and enjoy the night.

1027pm... We meet Angelica, Emily, and Thomas at Guadalajara's (a small hot spot out in Virginia Beach) Once inside we meet Isacc and the first round of drinks comes our way... I skip out on the drinks tonight, although it is our adult date night, we are hanging out about 30 miles away from our house and the cab fare from here pushes 80 bucks.... I skip out on drinks in an effort to drive home (not to mention, I have to pick up my son from daycare!!!)

1200am.. time to go home, unfortunately hubby is not ready to go and Isaac really wants him to stay a bit longer... So we stop to pick up little boy and call it an evening... good think too, my 3 y/o wakes up at the crack of dawn!

home 30 Jan 09

0630am... what seemed like a long duty day is finally over, woke up to a cold shower, not just cold... ICE cold!

turn over went fairly well, couldn't find duty legal and the khakis are fussing at me about their sailors not making the list for the upcoming prevent class. All I want to do is leave early!

1127am.. I left early, even if i was suppose to stay all day~ I left to go over to the exchange to be fitted for the new "navy working uniform" (NWU)it was a cluster f*ck. excuse my language but it makes no sense to buy a new uniform when I get out in less than 7 months... one uniform equals... $79 for the boots/$39 for the blouse/$35 for the trousers/$6.75 for the hat/$175 for the jacket/and $60 for a liner... oh~ i still have to buy 2 name tags ($2.75) a surface and air warfare designator ($4.50) E6 crows ($2.75) and an E6 crow for my hat ($1.50)

thats for one complete uniform~

632pm... just got home, for dinner I made Pad thai, the family loves it and they are happy to have something cooked vice out of a frozen bag (or take out) I'm tired and getting ready to head to bed..

home 29 jan 09

0415am... wow, it feels odd waking up at 4 in the morning and driving to work again~ sucks I didn't get home until after 8 in the evening... and today I have duty (yea, another 24 hours away from home... and i just got home)

the day is a blur, lots of questions I don't feel like answering, muster-muster-muster. why didn't you answer your phone when i called. did your guys get their table ready for the family readiness group?

such a long boring duty day.

2358(1158pm) i'm going to bed...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

underway 28 jan 09

0615am... we are suppose to pull in today at 1130~ i still haven't even heard them call away "set the special sea and anchor detail" this can only mean one thing.
we are either not pulling in today OR we are pulling in at a later time~

1100am... As i suspected, we are not pulling in unitl later today, not because our captain told us, but because my husband emailed to let me know our scheduled. it's crazy how those back on the beach know more about what the ship is doing than we do. It's even more odd that we are trained daily on operational security (OPSEC) and how we should never give out any information of the ships where abouts but yet the news and my SPOUSE already know what the ship is doing... crazy

1800 (6pm) we are in port finally, i told huby to be here at about 7:30pm but for some reason he came around the time he felt would be better. During the course of pulling in and getting the elevators down and brow set (along with a fire, medical emergancies, AND loss of power) 7:50pm is about the time we all started to leave the ship.

Hubby is pissed by this time because he has not eaten, has spent the last 2 hours in the car with a 3 year old who did not want to be strapped in a car seat, and could not call me on my cell... (because my cell phone was dead, who needs a cell phone while underway? we can't even get a signal when we are out so far!)

At any rate, I am home... for about 2 weeks anyway~

underway... first day/late entry

Wednesday 6 Jan ‘09

So, as said before, I had to come to the ship last night at 11pm… I made it here at about 1015, unpacked all my gear, stopped by my office to do some paperwork to help me get a head start, called hubby to let him know I made it to the ship safely and then went to sleep in preparation for the underway scheduled for 7am.

When I woke up this morning I realized I had not heard any announcements of “set the sea and anchor detail, USS D.D. Eisenhower will get underway at 0700” I figured I slept through all the announcements. I went into the head (bathroom) to shower- thought how odd it was that I was the only person in there. Got dressed and went down for the morning pow-wow. I am the only one here with the exception of the one person who is up drinking coffee watching the news. When I ask where everyone was he said. We are not getting underway until noon, most people just went back to sleep, breakfast, or just never got up this morning….. it is 630a.m.
At 1230p.m we have finally pulled away from the pier. The first few days away from home are always the hardest for me. I always wake up beat and down, I can barely stay awake, and I feel like crying every step of the way, as I said before, this is the hardest job anyone can have (leaving your family behind) I sit down to check my emails and get my first hello from sweetie, he tells me that Landon thinks I am coming home tonight and he feels bad that he won’t see me. We chat back and forth but I must cut it short because there is work to be completed.
I work on entering new case information in the database for alcohol incidents, and then decide to take a 2 hour lunch. 20 minutes to eat, the rest of the time to lay on the couch in my berthing (sleeping quarters) and whine about being away from my family… My lay down is cut short because there are two girls already in there watching one of the many reality shows on MTV… and I can’t do reality from M-TV (worst) One of the ladies lives in this berthing the other does not, instead of making a fuss I just walk to my rack ( x personal sized bed) and pull out a book. There is a new sailor standing there as well. We start to talk and she states she does not know what to do while underway. I take her on a mini tour of the ship (although she has been here a month), NO ONE has taken her around the ship to see what there is to offer other than her berthing and work space. I take her to the ships library that has a computer area, television area, many books, a lounge area for the crew, and the chapel for use by all hands. From there I take her to see one of the 4 gyms we have located from the forward to aft part of the ship, then up to the 02 level so that she can see where the 7-11 (our version of a mini convenient store) and gedunk (snake) machines are located for use when the main store is not available. I take her down to our self serve laundry area (like a mini Laundromat for sailors) and then show her all the locations where she can transfer money and use the phones. She is shocked to find that this has always been available to her over the last month that she has been onboard. I have immediately found me a new sailor to mentor and I am excited about it!
The rest of the day drags with a series of maintenance requirements, a few short conversations of expectations, and working on a plan of actions for getting young sailors training for responsible alcohol use. By 1048 p.m. I am beat and falling asleep in my chair. Not to mention I still have not accepted a meeting for 9a.m. with the new Admin officer to talk about my favorite subjet~ PREVENT (more on that later..)

underway 23 jan 09

0615a.m… I must be sick, I never wake up before 630 unless I can’t find my alarm clock!
0825am.. why would a person show up almost an hour late for cleaning stations and say “I’m here to clean?” where he hell were you at when EPH was called away to start at 0735am? Take your butt back to where ever it is you have been hiding, we don’t need you down here…

this has become the norm for the ladies who live in this area. They hide out for a majority of the field day time and then try to show face so when their supervisors ask "wher have you been?" they can say "I cleaned in berthing" for someone who has not paid attention for the cleaning hour, this will get someone out of trouble for not being at their appointed place of duty. Unfortunately, I have been in the berthing area for the last two weeks, I pay attention to everything~ who is not pulling their weight, who is doing a half ass job, who is just down there to get away from their supervisors (i normally send them packing because they are only in te way of the ladies who are down there to actually clean...)

1000... Survey time, this comes around every quarter (3 months) All I do is sit in an area and wait for about 2 hours for sailors to come down and do what is called a crash survey, it is for an experiment to gauge training provided for sailors on drinking habits and the likes. the same 50 people come down for the survey and they complain every time they come down.

1627 (4:27pm) eat dinner, head up for a study session for my enlisted air warfare designator.. I think I know everything but we will see in a few days.

1933 (7:33pm) It's bed time, i will have to shower in the morning. I'm beat.

underway 22 jan 09

0657…. I’m not making quarters, since I am already late I might as well sleep in a little longer….

1245pm... made it to work finally, sat at my desk for about 4 hours catching up on paperwork

1750 (5:50pm).... at dinner, went down for a quick shower...

1922 (7:22pm) bed...

underway 21 jan 09

0627am… I know we all feel we are experts at one thing or another… but have you ever come across that person who knows it all? For the first time ever I work for this person and I am amused with every conversation I have with this individual.
0735am… Eisenhower Power Hour, this is the name given to our lovely hour of house work and cleaning. But what happens when one of the players feigns illness??? I give them a scrub brush and a spot all to themselves so they can sit but yet be an active participant in this lovely hour of power.

underway 19 jan 09

632… the shower area has a line of people waiting to shower, every day I tell myself to start showering at night to avoid all this waiting in line stuff unfortunately my skin drys out really bad if I shower more than twice a day, so far I’m getting wet first thing in the morning (630am) and immediately after I leave the gym in the afternoon (530pm). I sit in an office pretty much my full day feeling my mid section grow by the day. I need to get back out on the deck plates before I really blow up. I’m trying to stay in shape but it is so hard out here with the greasy food, cold veggies, and dirty lettuce.
1140… I am hungry as heck but I skip the mess decks. The food has been more than disappointing every time I walk down there so I scrounge around inside my desk drawer and find a pack of ramon noodles to eat instead~ ummmm healthy!
I don’t do shit for the rest of the day, talk to everyone around the ship sit down in the machine shop with all the other hull maintenance technicians and machinery repairmen and eat icecream provided by our culinary specialist (more mid-section growth…)
1947(747pm) I walk up to my office just to show face. My chief has flown back on the ship, he looks like ass, I ask how the flight onto the ship was (been there done that, don’t want to do it again..) he says he feels a little shaken and requires about 2 hours of rest to calm his nerves. I tell him I am off to a study session for EAWS and head down to berthing to watch television.
2259(1059pm) I am laying in my rack learning how to use my new laptop I just HAD to bring out here… I am starting to wonder the real reason I asked for it, doesn’t make any sense. I’m suppose to be using it to help me write my childrens books on being separated from military parents but it’s like I sit down and find myself doing everything but writing. This sucks… night

underway 18 jan 09

1232pm… I just rolled out of my rack, if don’t think I will do much today. I’m definitely going down for brunch~ this is the one day I can truly get something decent to eat!

1531 (3:31pm) I am back in my rack, I feel like a true bum but it’s all good… I really do enjoy Sunday mornings underway~

2248 (10:48pm) night

underway 17 jan 09

Its Saturday morning and I do not want to get out of my rack… I go to quarters late (again) nothing new put out here. The senior DCTT member of my locker stops me in mid step to let me know he needs ME to write another drill package… are f-ing kidding me? Where are the other 5 people who take credit for this job every evaluation cycle? I tell him not to take this the wrong way but I’m not going to write the package this time. I have a study session for my enlisted air warfare qualification board and I also have to go to training for my control material qualification.
1200, lunch out here is a real funny thing to me, it always sounds good when you read it in the plan of the day, when you get there it looks nothing like you envisioned it would look. The chicken parmesan looks like a frozen chicken patty with parmesan cheese spread on top of it~ not what I expected at all, the (canned) vegetables are over cooked, and the bread is hard as a rock. The dessert looks so very yummy but I have to pass, this is my strict healthy eating and exercising underway period…. I have a trip coming up and I want to look half way decent when I throw on a tight fitting shirt… I settle for a salad, unfortunately, the salad lettuce looks as if it was run through a washing maching and then rolled in dirt~ no lie, it really looks like it has dirt on it. I ask the food service attendant (FSA) if that is pepper on the lettuce, she laughs at me as if I just told the best joke ever and walks away to tell another girl and they both point and laugh at me as if I am joking with them. I skip the salad and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, only AFTER I toast the bread… remember, it is hard as a rock
I get a call about a waiver package for a sailor who has had 2 DUIs, they want to know what the status is. I tell them I’ll call them back and decide to go work out instead.
1700.. I still have not called the division back for a status on the waiver package, probably because I haven’t even started it~ such a long tedious process, one of those cross your T’s and dot your I’s situation. I head over to classroom 2 to teach another Alcohol-Aware class, as always the class is hot as ever and the sailors are not happy to be here. Instead of the usual 4 hour class, I drop all of the videos and do a discussion type of setting. An hour later training is complete and we all leave and go our separate ways.
2137… Once again I’m calling it an early night. I kind of figured if I sleep my nights away as early as possible, my underway time will go much quicker only there is one problem~ I’m still having a problem sleeping at night…

underway 16 jan 09

500am… I can’t sleep for shit anymore. I came to my rack at about 1030pm feeling tired but as soon as I laid down it was toss and turn, scratch, scratch, turn scratch, get up walk to get a drink of water, take another elavil, scratch, try sleeping again now I am laying here at 5 in the morning freezing in my small box we call a coffin rack…
I am scheduled to chair this month’s Navy drug and alcohol council this month with the CO, XO, and CMC but feel a bit ill prepared. The one thing I know will happen for sure, either me or my senior chief are going to get our assess chewed in the worse way about this PREVENT 2000 training we are required to run every sailor between the ages of 18 and 25 through before we start our journey to the med. Not going to happen, now that the course is only offered by a handful of civilians and even less military personnel it is almost impossible to get a facilitator to come out and help us with the necessary training and the CO is NOT trying to hear excuses, especially not right now.
Isn’t funny how we fuss at our kids but when our boss does it to us, we get our panties in a bunch because we feel we should not have to listen to this bull trash~ I am really understanding how kids feel when they are chastised or punished with a tongue lashing. Good thing it was canceled… too bad the 1500 (3pm) damage control training team brief (DCTT) isn’t canceled. Why don’t they cancel stuff like this?
“General quarters, general quarters all hands to muster for general quarters, routes to general quarter’s station are up and forward on the starboard side, down and aft on the port side. All hands make manned and ready reports to DC central” it is now 730pm. We conducted a 2 hour fire drill from start to finish, fire team did great. These kids are the best… now if I could only get all these other adults on board I will have one kick ass damage control repair locker (DCRL)
Great, just before my head reached my pillow I hear that famous 5 whistles on the 1MC… man overboard, man overboard, all hands muster. Man overboard recovery will be the ready rib boat. Who the hell keeps throwing chem. lights in the water? It is 11 pm for crying out loud~ not that I was sleep or anything but I WAS comfortable in my warm rack. At the end of this man overboard the captain told the crew he would give someone 500 dollars and they will fly off the ship early if they turn this “chem. Light bandit” in for putting our ship and sailors in danger by throwing these lights in the water… we will see how this works out… it is officially later: 1206 am…

underway 15 jan 09

532a.m… another head ache. Did I mention I have spent the last year studying for a test that is given once a year for those few hopefuls who will move up the ranks to E7… I am one of those hopefuls although my hopes are just that. My job has made it in the bottom 5 rates that advance as many as 10 people at a time (that’s 10 out of 280+ possible candidates) 3 hour test with a throbbing headache… This is getting to be a bit extreme. Test is over and I’m sitting in quiet (in boat terms, quiet is hearing jets catapulting off the flight deck and landing as they complete their training)I am watching TV with the volume turn on muter, while watching the scroll on cctv (close circuit television: controlled by the ships media dept) I notice there is a note about Anthrax…
The notes are scrolling a bit fast for my blurry eyes to read so I will have to stop down to get a phamplet for this shot I was REQUIRED to take, head aches…. That’s a symptom or an reaction to the shot… I just took a booster shot for anthrax, to this day I don’t understand why you HAVE to take this shot or you will be administratively processed out of the navy for not complying to a written general order, I am not even sure what it is really for or even how it effects the body. All I can really say is that I did a series of three shots several years ago with no problems. This shot I took yesterday is different, first starters it hurt like hell and burned like an iron. My whole left shoulder is swollen and it itches as if I have laid in a bag of poison oak! My head ach will not go away either I have taken one to many elavil for the pain behind my eyes and the only thing I get for results is a feeling that I will tumble over in the a deep coma like sleep at any moment now.
I could go on longer but I am still tired as heck and need to call it a night. Bed time at 713pm… wow~

underway 14 jan 09

The day was somewhat of a blur… I woke up and immediately thought it was Friday (it’s only Wednesday) I think I woke up and spent about an hour cleaning, about an hour of paperwork, stopped by the mess decks (cafeteria) and had a bowl of cereal from there I spent about 3 hours in executive officers inquiry (XOI). Basically this is like a preliminary hearing before you go in front of the big man, we only got through 3 of the eight accused sailors, one accused of using for sleeping with his side piece, another for using government computers to view pornographic material (this is a no-no on any government computer!) and another is one of the guys we saw at the disciplinary review board the other day. I don’t see any of these 8 cases getting dismissed in any way. All pretty valid acts punishable under the UCMJ… although the underage drinker is a sad story. 19 year old guy, first time being away from home gets an amcross message stating his 5 year old sister has been diagnosed with leukemia and the prognosis is “not good” this young sailor, who is new to the navy and has not been told of all the resources for coping and dealing with a family member who is ill, sick or dying. His way to deal was to drink until he passed out, when asked “well did it help you feel better “he stated~ no it made me feel worse. Step father runs a pretty straight forward house hold everyone is aware of right and wrong and what is accepted and what is not. In his household there was no drinking so drinking is something he has not experienced until he came into the navy… and he quickly found that underage drinking is not acceptable not matter what problems may arise. XO has somewhere to go, we’ll continue at 1900 (7pm)
At 7 pm we head back down for the second half of XOI. One kid that made me want to cry in so many ways this 22 year old reminds me of my own 14 year old son. Very quiet, to himself, into anime, his friends are just like him, to others he would be considered weird.. to his friends he is the cool kid who doesn’t mind sitting around the table with 3 other kids trading cards and talking about nothing in particular. Very smart and intelligent but refuses to let anyone know even if it means not passing in school or doing what he is told to do… I saw my son in 8 years still timid, quiet, and unsure of how he should answer questions that pertained to him… answering barely above a whisper ready to shed a tear if you ask to many more questions he did not want to answer. Watching and listening to this 22 y/o made me ask questions like, do I pay enough attention to my own child? Does he feel alienated since his baby brother arrived? Is he the person he is because deep inside he feels unhappy and out of place, not sure where he belongs or if he belongs at all? As parents we raise our children in hopes they will be independent adults who make clear conscious decisions about life, work and love. I feel that I have not kept up my part of he bargin by being that mom who is suppose to be there to nuture her children helping them through all the problems and road blocks they will run into as they grow to young adults. I’ve taken a short cut somewhere and watching and listening to this 22 y/o I realize that some things in life are more important than others. Children~ they are here because we wanted them to be her, they didn’t choose us we chose to have them as our own.. and I know I have to make every effort to comfort my son and help him grow to be that strong young man I know he can be.

underway 13 jan 09

This whole being in charge thing is pretty stressful sometimes, but I find I work a lot harder and my day goes faster when I am under stress. The first part of my day is spent teaching 20 somethings how to clean berthing (our shared home if you will..) It makes me sometimes wonder what their houses look like. If I see mold, I immediately clean it… if they see mold, they spray it with water and call it a day. What are we teaching our kids these days? Do we do all the work for them now? Iron their clothes, clean their rooms, do their laundry? It baffles me that a 20 year old woman does not know that when you sweep a floor, you sweep the corners of the floor too~ don’t leave the dust bunnies in the corner to collect and scatter when you whisk your broom by them!! Seriously people take time to do things the right way… working with me will only cause me to talk to you like a 3 year to make sure you understand how to do your job correctly and THEN I will make you do it over!
I was fortunate enough to spent 3 hours in a discipline review board (woohoo…). We found 1 sailor claims the world is conspiring against him and I truly think he is in desperate need of a psychologist, one sailor guilty of doing marijuana (although he swears he does not do drugs!) Drug labs don’t lie! If a positive “pop” comes up on a sample it is screen two more times by two other individuals to ensure the positive is a true positive…. Sorry guy~ you smoked THC and thought you could get away with it! Then there was another sailor who I honestly don’t think he was aware of some medicine he was taking, as much as I hate to say, I think some people are not bright in the things they do… but this sailor seems to be telling the truth to me, he doesn’t seem like a liar, his supervisors submitted him for a on he spot promotion that he actually got! He thinks highly of his family and his career but this prescription drug “pop” has us all baffled. When asked if he has ever taken medicine from someone he knows for a headache or something, he says only Tylenol.. I would hate to see this guy go home for something I seriously don’t think he was aware of… he has done the research on the medicine he is accused of taking and says there would be no reason for anything like that to even be in his home considering no one in his family is sick. It’s crazy, the one thing the military is 100 percent on is it’s zero tolerance to drugs so we’ll see how this case goes.
At about 715pm I head down to my damage control locker to prepare for general quarters. This is actually becoming a pain in my ass, there are 7 damage control training team members but when ever a drill package has to be generated it seems that I am the one who gets called to do it, I don’t know if it’s because everyone else is afraid to write them or just plain lazy, when I was in my rack sick for the full day I receive 2 visits… both with the same conversation “Sublett, Senior wants to know if you wrote the package for Tuesday’s drill” the first person went back up and told him I was asleep, when he told her to wake me she told him, “I am not getting cussed out for waking that woman up!” the second person was not so lucky, she left while saying I’m sorry I woke you but he wanted me to come down and wake you about the package~ hello, I am the most junior person in the locker…. Why am I the one who has to brief the drill, debrief the drill, find the props, find the space, write the package.. What would these people do if I had to leave the ship tomorrow???? Anywho, general quarters, shower, blog, bed. I’ll talk to you guys in the morning…

underway 12 jan 09

I believe I spent this whole day in my rack (aka- bed) I’m only up because I’m feeling very thirsty and dehydrated.
3 bottles of water and about 5 bathroom breaks later, I’m getting back in my rack. Head still hurts and now I know why~
My friend came to visit 2 weeks early, I hate living with 40 women… throws you whole body clock off… I’m going back to bed 822p.m.

underway 11 jan 09

I feel worse today than I did yesterday, I’m actually groggy from taking the medicine I was given last night. Doc says I should come back up to see if they need to change my prescription, I have been taking this medicine now for about a year and the headaches still won’t stay away… they are not migraines, just tension headaches. I notice I only get them when I am away from home. Probably from the stress of having to leave my family (mainly my kids) behind.
As said before, this is the hardest job any one will ever have. You would think after 19 years I would be use to it… I’m still not, I guess it only got really hard once I had Landon, he is a handful, my husband looks as if he has aged 3 more years every time I come home from an underway period. I keep trying to remind myself that this is the last one before the long on… and the long one is the last.
I’m going to bed, it is now 547pm…

underway 10 jan 09

Day started off like any other, wake up at 545am, shower, get dressed, and go to work. Not much of a day. Spent a big majority of it writing packages, scheduling treatments, and contacting departmental drug and alcohol reps to ensure they are aware of appointments for their sailors…
942p.m… Feel like shit, head is pounding and I see lightning bolts. I think I should go to medical before I pass out. They give me more elavil, I’ll talk to you in the morning…

underway 9 jan 09

Woke up with a headache (still) rolled out of bed but only because I can hear the people across from me as if they were laying right next to me, everything is loud, the voices seem louder, the lights look brighter, and the room feels colder.
I still have a banging headache! First stop is muster so that everyone can see I am still alive, today instead of cleaning for an hour, I lock myself in my office and lay my head on my desk. My supervisor comes in and asks if I am okay, I tell her no she sends me to bed but reminds me that I have to be at captain’s mast today at noon.
No problem…
1139a.m. I wake up panic because it is almost noon and I have to be in ward room III in less than 20 minutes. I rush to brush my teeth was the sleep out of my eyes and run to beat the captain to the cabin. Everyone is there when I walk in, a heated discussion is going on between the lieutenant and the master chief about who is responsible for getting witness, so I excuse myself and a few other junior sailors so that they don’t witness this small disagreement. My head still hurts… Mast last about 40 minutes (starts at 1230pm vice noon) from here I go find something to eat.. Hotdogs~ damn I feel like I’m 5, why in the hell do these people insist on serving grown adults hot dogs and pork and beans? What the heck are we on a major budget or what? I choose to eat a salad instead… and hour later I am hungry as hell and feel the need to go to the ships store for junk. I drink water instead and head back downstairs to lay down for about 2 more hours; my next meeting is not until 3pm. Next meeting is my damage control training team brief for tonight’s general quarters drill. I could care less about a fire drill but remind myself to stay motivated because this kind of training is what saves ships as well as lives when you are in the middle of nowhere. After the brief, I go lay down until the drill starts.
730pm. I wake to find I have missed my on station time. I jump up rush into my coveralls brush my teeth DON’T wash my face, and run to my damage control locker to get all the required props for today’s drill. 2 hours later I am in a debrief listening and wishing these people would stop talking about nothing. I stop by my office to write hubby to let him know I am thinking about him and love him and hope that he and Will have a good time this weekend. Now it is time for me to officially call it a night.

underway 8 jan 09

I woke up today with a massive headache, unfortunately I am all out of medicine to help make it go away. Instead of heading down to medical for assistance I grab an advil hoping it will help instead. I did nothing, I made and attempt to lay in a quiet place in hopes that my headache would go away…. Funny thing about ships~ no matter where you go there is no quiet spot, there are spots that are quieter than others but there is still that humming that ships have not matter what.
I turn on some soft jazz from my IPOD climb in my ___ x____ sleeping area, turn off my light, close and tuck in my curtains and lay there in the cold darkness for about 3 hours. Get up, eat, email hubby, get a very cute picture of Landon on his way to daycare bright and early. Start to see zig zag like lights in my vision and then think… I may need to actually go to medical this isn’t normal. I walk down they give me more elavil to help me relax. My plan is to go lay back down but when I log on to let hubby know I’m heading to bed early I notice the ships fire marshal has sent a new email about my drill package for tomorrows GQ. So instead of going to sleep as plan, I print up my old package and head out of the office to find a new place to do my drill. I make all the necessary corrections, email hubby to tell him I feel like shit and good night, send my drill package to fire marshal and head down for the night… I’m beat, I’m agitated, and my head hurts

underway 7 jan 09

For some reason I can not make myself wake up at a decent time of morning when I am at sea. Maybe it’s because I don’t sleep well, figure since there is no drive to work or parking to find I should sleep later… I don’t quite know why I am always late underway! So my alarm is going off for the 10th time and I look at my clock it says 0642am. I have to be at work at 7! Not to mention I still need to shower. When I am at home, my alarm normally chimes at 4 in the morning and I roll out of bed, and start my normal routine. I usually get to the parking lot at about 530in the morning even if my day does not start until 730 when we are in port I make it a habit of getting to work early to avoid the traffic delays and parking issues.
I spent my morning thinking of a way to get back to my rack to get about 2 more hours of sleep but go back to work because it is about 40 degrees in my living area. My day is spent cussing the ITs because 70% of my work is done online and I do not have access to the internet during the day (you know, because we are kids and all) so I gather my patient records and head down to the rehabilitation councelors to review patient files and get ready for upcoming treatment dates.
From there I attend a 2 hour Executive Officer Inquiry to determine whether 4 people will be smacked on the hand for their wrong doings or sent up to see the Captain for their punishment. Then it is off to a damage control meeting to discuss what fire fighting drills will be conducted for Fridays General Quarters drill, then up to school of ship to teach about 30 new sailors the importance of responsible alcohol use. At about 730p.m. We have an admin general quarters drill to ensure all new people know where they are to go and are assigned jobs as necessary, then it’s back to the office to try to get online to enter patient information in our online database… unfortunately, I can not do this because there are currently over 3000 other sailors trying to get on as well to do what they like to do when they get on the internet. After waiting for an hour, I decided it was time to call it a night…
I write my sweetie to see how his day was and apologize for not being on the computer at all during the day to at least say, “I love you and miss you” and it has only been 2 days…
It is 1122pm and I am sleepy~