Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm sooo sleepy.... 3 Jan'08

As with any work day, I woke up at the ass crack of dawn and started my usual trip to work. shower, dress, start my trek to work, stop for coffee, park, walk down the pier. My initial thought was that I would work until 11 and then head back home to spend my Saturday with my family...

No, the ships plan was to work a full day... and a full days work is what we put in! I will have the happy oppurtunity to do it all over again first thing Sunday morning, then again Monday morning... Oh I also "get" to bring my 38 year old self BACK to the ship at 11pm (curfew) so that I can be well rested for my trek out to sea the next day....

Yea for being an adult!

2 Jan '08

Not to much going on today, left work early today, did absolutly nothing... laid on the couch, stopped to pick up dinner from parodocks, ate, showered, and layed on the couch waiting for hubby to come in from the garage for bedtime.

I have to go back to work bright and early for work.... ON A SATURDAY!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years.... 1 Jan 09

Today is the first day of a new year, a Happy New Year....

For me it's another duty day checked off the calander in preparation for the upcoming 5-8 month trek out to sea. Duty was quiet, i was suprised to find that there were no alcohol related incidents, no dui's, nothing... NOTHING!

Today I spent the whole day taking Theraflu hoping the body aches and sore throat would go away, all it is doing is making me drowsy and tired.

Not much going on today, the weather is at about 30 degrees (feels colder in this box of gray steel) spent my new year day wathcing Iron Chef America all day.. Now I am heading down to sleep the rest of my day away unless a muster is called for some reason~ Hope your last year was great and the new one brings even more happiness and calm.

Happy New Year!

New Year's Eve.... 31 Dec 08

It is officially the last day of the year, New Years Eve....

As always, the work continues. After spending a good deal of the day searching for the picture frame for the executive officer, we came in today to present him with his gift and say congratulations on your promotion...

By the sound of the work load it appears to be a normal work day~ that will not happen for me, I am going to take an early day to spend with my husband. I email my husband to let him know I will be leaving the ship at 1130. He decides he will leave work early as well.

We arrived home at the same time, I laid on the couch, he got on the computer. 30 minutes later we are off to the theater. The good thing about early days is everyone else is at work! We watch our movie and then debate on whether we should pick up Landon or leave him at the daycare until after the new year. I want to see my kid so we decide to pick him up. As always, Landon entertained us on the ride home with his colorful conversation... today's conversation "Mommy, where is your husband at?" both my husband and I look in the back seat and say "what?" he repeats his question, my husband asks where does he get these topics, i just laugh and point to Lonnie (my husband) and look at Landon and say "This is mommy's husband" Landon looks really confused (it shows on his face!) He thinks about what I have said and then responds... no, yells "THAT'S NOT YOUR HUSBAND! THAT'S MY DADDY!!" When I try to explain that Lonnie is daddy and husband, he tells me again, "NO, that is daddy Lonnie, he is not your husband mommy" I try to explain the difference but then realize that he is 3 and does not understand the difference between the different roles each of us play (in time)

We get home, he ask for a sandwich and walks down the hall to Cedrics room and ask "Cedric, how was your day?, did you play the game? did you read your book" then he closes Cedrics door and walks back into the kitchen and demands his sandwich. Eats his turkey sandwich and drinks his milk and starts his normal at home routine (which consist of dumping every toy he owns onto the living room floor"

At 6 we start getting dressed, a couple invited us over to bring the new year in with them. I dress warmly, Lonnie in a long sleeve thermal tee and Landon bundled up in his warm weather coat. We drop Landon off at the babysitter who has planned a new year night for all the kids that will be there for the evening, and head over to see Chauncey and Stacey. On the way I tell Lon that I feel like ass, throat hurts, body hurts and my neck and shoulders are stiff as rocks. we get inside and I seem to be the only one freezing to death~ i can not stop shaking. I drink warm tea, eat some dinner and settle on their enormous couch to have a grown up night of conversation, wine, and later champaign.

I start to feel worse and get colder. Stacey gives me a blanket and I sit back to watch 300, somewhere between the beginning of the movie and the spartans at the end, I fall asleep, waking with another blanket on me... I felt warm and cozy, fall back into a deep sleep. I wake up again with Stacey saying "here lady! it's 30 seconds before the new year, have a glass of chapaign and go back to sleep!" I salute to the new year, kiss my hubby, sip my glass and fall immediately back to sleep. I am waken 30 minutes later by Lonnie saying come on sweetie, lets get you home (translated to~ I've had to much to drink and need you to drive us back home)

I bundle up in my winter gear, apoligize for sleeping and hug everyone goodbye Iwalk out to the car and drive off into the night to pick up my Landon. We get home, change little boy into his pajamas give him a kiss and cover him up for the night. Do pretty much the same for daddy... set my alarm clock for 5am and lay down for a few hours before I have to get up to go to work the next day...

Happy New Year everybody!