Monday, December 29, 2008

just another day.... 29 Dec '08

Long day, spent most of it re writing memos for treatment failures. It's funny how you think you know alot about planning, scheduling, and writing reports until you are put in a new position.

My primary job requires me to do a lot of job scheduling, and writing work procedures, quality assuarnce surveillances, and inspections of parts, tools, and welding equipment... My new jobs requires me to do alot of filing, more face time with the big guys, and writing memos to supervisors when their personnel do not follow through with treatment reqirements.

I spent my full Sunday duty day writing memos, updating end of month reports, and incident reports just to sit down with the yeoman and find that i had mistakes... alot of mistakes! It was pretty amusing having this 20something year old guy go over my memo with a pen and make pen and ink changes on my mess ups... I felt like I was back in English comp!

The day ended later than expected, stopped by the store to get dinner, stood in line for about 30 minutes to pay for dinner, picked up Landon from daycare, came home cooked dinner fed the boys, bathe little boy, and argued with hubby about why i got off at 3 oclock.... odd argument considering I normally don't get off until after 4~

any who~
Enjoy the day

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