Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I had cake for breakfast..... 22 Dec '08

This morning as I rolled over in bed to look at the clock, I almost broke my toe jumping out of bed~ 1 hour late!

Once a month we hold a ceremony for those who are turning the fun age of "21" It has become a big deal for us, we start preparing for each ceremony immediatly after the current event is over. It entails us to order the cake, make reservations for PA and podium set up, find the names of ALL individuals who are turning 21 during the next month, EMAIL the names of those personnel to their supervisors so that the sups can ensure these personnel are there for the Captain to tell them "Happy Birthday"

The turning 21 ceremony is one of our many programs put together to make young adults aware that turning 21 is not just for going out there getting sh*t faced, but about making the right choices and decisions when it comes to drinking. Basically, it's alright to say "NO" to alcohol.... And if they do decide to drink, we want them to know that it is okay to use a designated driver, take a taxi, get a hotel room, stay at a friends, call a friend/co worker/supervisor to pick them up. Pretty much it's all about being safe and enjoying your 21st and all the years to come after.

Today's ceremony was planned to the letter, unfortunately NO ONE read the letter but me (well everyone got it, just not to many people showed up) Back to running late. The morning was to start at 0700 am with a captains mast (this is like a mini court for sailors who get themselves in some type of trouble ie; disrespect/dui/not going to work... you get the picture~

5 cases normally take about 2 or more hours depending on the severity... the T21C (turning 21 ceremony) starts at 0900 am. both of these events require the captains to be present. My supervisor took the mast while i made sure the T21C was set up and ready to start as soon as mast was completed. The first problem~ no participants, second problem~ no set up; PA/podium/table set up, third problem~ no candles, biggest problem~ NO CAKE!!! I'm not a betting woman or anything but I would almost bet my life on any b-day party that a cake is usually the number one priority in making the party somewhat of a success, wouldn't you agree?

After jumping through hoops, making several calls, and having my senior show up and immediatly start going off on everyone... all was ready to go seconds before the captain showed up... at the end of the ceremony, I had cake....

and it was good

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