Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I didn't go to work today... 23 Dec '08

Today I got a day off, (after I went in late....) my plan was to do nothing but clean my house

After 19 years in the navy I have found that making plans to do anything is pretty much a dum idea. Once I got home I started cleaning my kitchen only finished half of it because I started thinking about the closet full of toys, clothes, and books that had to be wrapped for christmas. So I go pull out my many colorful rolls of wrapping paper with the bows to match and start wrapping... once you get started wrapping gifts, you get agitated when people start calling asking for stuff...

Hubby called~ wants to go to lunch. He tells me to leave now and don't mess around, I say okay... But before I can leave I have to put all the gifts away because I'm almost positive my oldest son is suppose to come home early today. Hubby calls and yells about being at the restaraunt by himself and why I'm not there yet, I tell him I'm down the stree.

We eat lunch I go back home to finish the gifts and clean house.. instead I sit on the couch and sleep. phone rings again (hubby) tells me we need to run some last minute errands. I wash my face/brush my teeth and wait for him to come home. We go to Total Wine buy 3 bottles of wine for his hairstylist (she's only getting two bottles I'm keeping the Milton Park!) We do some grocery shopping for X-mas day dinner, and then we go to pick up little boy (landon) and drop off a server to be repairs..

The day was pretty much shot after that and I have company coming over... and I have duty on X-mas eve... I'm sooo sleepy, I thnk I'm going to go ahead and call it an early night.

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