Monday, December 22, 2008

day after duty.... 21 dec 08

24 hrs later...

I do a quick turnover, say later to the girl who checked in last night and start my hike from the ship to my truck. for some reason I never sleep well when i have to stay on the ship overnight, as a result, I'm dead tired and in need of sleep I WILL NOT get when i walk into my house.

Between my 3 year old yelling out "mommy" non stop and for absolutely no reason at all and giving as much attention to hubby as I possibly can (as tired as i am) my chances of getting any sleep at all are close to not happening at all.

On my way home I am doing all I can to make sure I do not fall asleep. Rolling down my window, turning up the music, singing out loud (probably should have just used my safe ride card ad called a taxi...) hey~ it's not just for those who drink!

As i get closer to home the tired goes from yawning to eyes actually tryin to close. I turn down my usual route to my hoause and run right into a road block. as i sit in a "i can't believe this state. I look past the thick white smoke into the gray cloudy sky and think... damn, i have to drive all the way around and my house is right down the street~ I'm sooo tired.

In the sublett residence, tired does not mean anthing. First thing Lonnie(hubby) says is "I need you to help me in the garage" of course i dont' want to help but I have convinced him to have coffee ready for me by the time i make it home... So in the garage I go.

The rest of the day drags, it's wet, cold, and I'm tired as ever. At 3 I get a text from Sam letting me know that she is running late (dammit, I forgot we were having company tonight... at least she's coming over to cook) Sam and Warren arrive at about 5 and she goes right to cooking, I help as needed. at about 545 we sit down for dinner. Lonnie (my husband) has been in the garage since I got home that morning so I have to run him inside long enough to eat as well. 3 year old is not even thinking about dinner and asking for ice cream as a substitute. my 14 year old has been locked up in his bedroom all day~ not quite sure what he is doing in there keeps telling me he is cleaning his room... I don't complain, his room is dirty as heck and smells like feet... cleaning his room actually sounds like a good idea now.

I have to run to the store to get bannas and granola bars for Lonnie, he has one of each every morning. On the way there I just happen to look to the left of me- there I see and smell mounds of smoldering burnt wood, nothing more. When i looked that way this morning I couldn't see anything but thick smoke, road flairs, lights from the firetrucks and police cars, and a cold gray sky. I can only imagine how these business men/women must have felt when they got the news.

I gather all the items i need for the week, head home, chat with Sam and Warren, say good night and sit on the couch unil I pass out for the night... And this is my day after duty

This is my first time meeting Warren... he's cool, Sam is feeling him and he seems to be feeling her to~ that's all good.


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