Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm at the end of my 365 days, just celebrated my 38th birthday and I am currently preparing my self for my next career (just not sure what that is anymore~)
I currently live onboard a ship with over 3500 other personnel (aka "sailors"). Sharing a common sleeping, living, and shower area with 44 other females~ some who refuse to wash, clean, or learn to use their inside voices.. At work I am restricted from social networks where it is believed that I’ll spend my work day looking for high school buddies and ignoring "can I be your friend" stalkers that make request because you “look” hot in your profile pic.
If you are stopping by~ I'm sure it's because you are curious, read on and feel free to comment, laugh, say "what an idiot"~ do what ever it is that makes you happy while reading in your free.
Enjoy your day~

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