Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve.... 24 Dec '08

It's Christmas eve and once again... I have duty (again...)

Happy Christmas Eve all, while most of you are either preparing for your early morning merriment or clebrating your holiday of choice. Many men and women of the military are standing duty, watching our coastal waters, or over in a foreign country carrying out orders as given.

My day started off early as always, wake up at 4, shower, dress, kiss hubby goodbye and start my ride to work. Once I get here I have to locate all the people who are suppose to be part of my team (who never seem to make it on time) Looking around I notice there are alot of people here today... the more I look the more people I see walking across the quarterdeck onto the ship, after asking those who are standing in ranks with me why all the people I am informed that today is a regular work day, I have never worked on Christmas eve in all my navy career but I guess it is necessary for all hands to be onboard, I carry on with the plan of the day. I make all my rounds, stop by the moral, welfare, and recreation office to make sure a ball cap is ordered for the guy next to the big guy, stop by security to ensure NO ONE got in any touble while enjoying a night out drinking, stop by the engraving shop to ensure name tags and plaques are on schedule, walk throught the weld shop to say good morning to everyone and see how they are doing, stop by the QA office to say hello and get a cup of coffee, send off some treatment request forms, and sit in on an intervention for someone who came to work with a strong smell of alcohol on his body.

As the day goes on I get two visits from people who are on restriction requesting to be escorted off the ship to go to the bank and buy underware from the store, as much as I hate to say no~ I say "no" and carry on with the task at hand, besides these request are only authorized for court/lawyer visits...

Later in the day we have a class charlie fire drill, get fussed out, and then I send off more registration forms for treatment. Talked to hubby, well more like explained to hubby how the whole Christmas present thing worked. When I told him he had to get up at about 5 in the morning to put all the gifts under the tree~ he asked why can't i just pull them out when they are awake??? Then I have to go further into detail about how for a 3 year old Santa is real and once we have the "Santa is not real and Cristmas is not about gifts" speech, THEN, and only then can he just give the boys their gifts when they wake up the next day.

Later that evening hubby sends me a picture of a gift wrapped especially by him with an email that says "from me and the boys" I'm confused considering I got my X-mas/B-day gift about a week ago (kick ass laptop!) Not sue what it is but his taste in gifts has always been awesome, As for my gift for him... I have been waiting for it to arrive (2nd day shipping )for about 2 weeks now, I finally called yesterday to find out why his black titanium ring with the silver braided cord embedded in it has not arrived only to find 'IT'S ON BACK ORDER"!!! Soooo, basically I suck for not having a gift for my sweetie to open up tomorrow.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone and enjoy your day tomorrow~

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