Monday, December 22, 2008

another duty day... 20 dec 08

duty day~

24 hour work day that starts at 0715 ends 24 hours later... you stay on the ship the whole time~

I spent the whole day updating records for all of the sailors on the ship who have had some type of alcohol related incident i.e: dui/dwi/turned over to the ship for doing something that got them in trouble (and alcohol is involved)

never a dull day, even over the weekend people find a way to get themselves in some kind of touble... what is the deal with that? my job is to supply these young adults with the tools they need to ensure they make decisions that will not get them in trouble... the biggest tool provided, a key fob to attach to their keys so if they go to the bar and have drinks they can look at the fob attached to their car keys and call a cab to get them home with no questions asked... they don't even have to have money to take the cab, kind of a ride now pay later deal we have worked out with the transportation system in the area... It suprises me that with all that is provided, many people still go out and drink and drive... what is that about?

we normally hear; i didn't feel that drunk, i didn't want to leave my car, i had planned on taking a cab but changed my mind.... heellllooo! you didn't want to leave your car? i guess if you run over a family of five you'll be happy that you didn't leave your car (now all you have to figure out is how you're going to get yourself out of jail for hurting, or better yet, killing someone because you didn't want to leave your car!)

confusion, i guess you can't save them all, be happy for the ones who take the tools you provide and use them.

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