Monday, December 29, 2008

just another day.... 29 Dec '08

Long day, spent most of it re writing memos for treatment failures. It's funny how you think you know alot about planning, scheduling, and writing reports until you are put in a new position.

My primary job requires me to do a lot of job scheduling, and writing work procedures, quality assuarnce surveillances, and inspections of parts, tools, and welding equipment... My new jobs requires me to do alot of filing, more face time with the big guys, and writing memos to supervisors when their personnel do not follow through with treatment reqirements.

I spent my full Sunday duty day writing memos, updating end of month reports, and incident reports just to sit down with the yeoman and find that i had mistakes... alot of mistakes! It was pretty amusing having this 20something year old guy go over my memo with a pen and make pen and ink changes on my mess ups... I felt like I was back in English comp!

The day ended later than expected, stopped by the store to get dinner, stood in line for about 30 minutes to pay for dinner, picked up Landon from daycare, came home cooked dinner fed the boys, bathe little boy, and argued with hubby about why i got off at 3 oclock.... odd argument considering I normally don't get off until after 4~

any who~
Enjoy the day

Duty day... 28 Dec '08

Yep, it's time for another duty day....

This morning seemed eerie for some reason, the script was the same, alarm clock, shower, get dressed, head out for work... When i was standing at the front door getting my jacket out of the closet, it almost seemed that the next thing that was suppose to happen was a "thump, thump, thump" outside my front door. I looked out the window before heading into the garage, it was a little foggy, everything was wet.

I headed out the side door and opened the garage door. It is unusually warm for a December morning. I take off my jacke, grab my backpack and walk out to the car. On days I have duty, I normally make a stop at Walgreens and buy water, a magazine, and something to snack on throughout the duty day. Once I get into the Walgreen parking lot there is only one car vise the usual 3. The wind is slightly blowing papers around the parking lot scracthing the surface as they float slightly above the ground. I walk in the door and do not see or hear anyone. I get my items and as I am picking up a tube of chapstick a lady behind me ask, "are you ready?" I say not yet and walk to the magazines. I then hear laughter and talking at the front of the store, as I approach the register the same lady is saying her good mornings to the young couple who have come in to drop off the morning newspapers for sale. I pay as they stack the papers and then they walk out the door. I walk out not even a minute later expecting to see the young couple backing out of their space~ nothing... no one... just the same papers blowing in the wind as they were when I first came into the store... I look back into the store and the lady behind the register has already disappeared back down the aisle to continue working. I look around me and then over to the street the runs in front of the store. There are no cars driving down the road, or sitting at the lights.. Other than the paper scraping the ground I can also hear the buzzing of the neon lights from the mexican restaraunt I frequent at least twice a month. I feel like I am in the twilight zone and something, and I am waiting for it to happen....

I get in my car and continue my drive to work. My second stop is 7-11 for my morning coffee, it to seems deserted, I see the two clerks laughing inside, but it is complete silence out here. I look at my surroundings before getting out of the car and then open my door. Out of nowhere a man appears, slim white guy, gotee, small diamond in his ear wearing a light blue t-shirt and jeans... I am startled and can't help but to stare, he says hello and walks into the store before me. I go inside make my coffee while he gets a soda. I pay first and walk out the store, he walks out directly behind me. I look down on my console to ensure I don't spill my coffee while putting it into the cup holder. by the time I glance back up~ the man in the blue t-shirt is gone... no cars are leaving, I don't see him anywhere, where did he go??? It's weird how my day has gone so far and I'm only in my first 2 hours of it!

I pull out of the parking lot, turn right at the light just in time to see the blue t-shirt guy disappear into a dry cleaning facility that launders linen. I continue my drive to work I decide I will drive down the main road in hopes of finding a spot right up front, I get lucky. Grab my things and head down to start what has turned out to be a long day of duty.. Can't wait until Friday...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

I slept most of my day.... 27 Dec '08

I slept most of my day away today even though I woke up this morning about 8:36.....

I dont think I have even been outside today and the temp was around 71 degrees. One of my husbands friends came down to visit us and he bought along his girlfriend. She decided to cook for us a dish she cooks at home (Puerto Rican)

My husband, Ray, and Ray's girl go grocery shopping and then she starts cooking as soon as she walks in the house. Hubby goes out to the garage to continue working on a otorcycle that has been there for about 3 weeks now.

The kids go into the living room to watch a movie, I lay on the couch to take a quick nap, and Ray goes into the guest room to take a nap.

It is now 7:04pm and I am just getting up from my 4 hours nap, dinner is ready, and everyone is asking if I'm alright.

I have duty tomorrow so I'll stay up long enough to eat dinner and socialize for about another hour and then its bed time for me..

Enjoy your day~

Night out.... 26 Dec '08

We had an adult night out....

This has been something we have been able to do over the last month compliments of our day care provider's daughters. After enjoying a calm relaxing christmas day and dinner and wine with friends, we rose bright and early the day after. While I cleaned house, my husband went shopping for new appliances (or should I say "must haves") We enjoyed a late lunch at a quaint Columbian restaraunt, the original plan was a light lunch and a big dinner later that evening...

Happened just the opposite, we had a huge lunch (late) and decided for dinner we would go to Bodegas, a small tapas bar with not to loud background music and low lighting to make everyone look gorgeous!

After dinner we walked down to Havanas for drinks, and then dancing at Scotty Quixx. The night was good, ended with my 3 year old in bed right between me and hubby hands in my hair, feet on daddys back.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day... 25 Dec '08

Christmas day went pretty well....

I had duty the day before Christmas and was hoping my husband would be able to keep my 3 year old from ripping into the gifts before I got home.. When I walked into the door and saw all the gifts still wrapped under the tree I was so excited, not as excited as my 3 year old who came running to me at full speed jumping into my arms yelling "Mommy I have lots of presents, can I open them mommy? Can I mommy?"

Then starts the destruction, wrapping paper, boxes, and toys all over the place. After opening all the gifts and cleaning up the area. I begin preparing the dinner. Turkey and and ham provided complements of my husbands boss who sent us a smoked turkey and ham for X-mas, all we had to provide was veggies, wine and good company.

Over all it was a good day, and a great time with family and friends!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve.... 24 Dec '08

It's Christmas eve and once again... I have duty (again...)

Happy Christmas Eve all, while most of you are either preparing for your early morning merriment or clebrating your holiday of choice. Many men and women of the military are standing duty, watching our coastal waters, or over in a foreign country carrying out orders as given.

My day started off early as always, wake up at 4, shower, dress, kiss hubby goodbye and start my ride to work. Once I get here I have to locate all the people who are suppose to be part of my team (who never seem to make it on time) Looking around I notice there are alot of people here today... the more I look the more people I see walking across the quarterdeck onto the ship, after asking those who are standing in ranks with me why all the people I am informed that today is a regular work day, I have never worked on Christmas eve in all my navy career but I guess it is necessary for all hands to be onboard, I carry on with the plan of the day. I make all my rounds, stop by the moral, welfare, and recreation office to make sure a ball cap is ordered for the guy next to the big guy, stop by security to ensure NO ONE got in any touble while enjoying a night out drinking, stop by the engraving shop to ensure name tags and plaques are on schedule, walk throught the weld shop to say good morning to everyone and see how they are doing, stop by the QA office to say hello and get a cup of coffee, send off some treatment request forms, and sit in on an intervention for someone who came to work with a strong smell of alcohol on his body.

As the day goes on I get two visits from people who are on restriction requesting to be escorted off the ship to go to the bank and buy underware from the store, as much as I hate to say no~ I say "no" and carry on with the task at hand, besides these request are only authorized for court/lawyer visits...

Later in the day we have a class charlie fire drill, get fussed out, and then I send off more registration forms for treatment. Talked to hubby, well more like explained to hubby how the whole Christmas present thing worked. When I told him he had to get up at about 5 in the morning to put all the gifts under the tree~ he asked why can't i just pull them out when they are awake??? Then I have to go further into detail about how for a 3 year old Santa is real and once we have the "Santa is not real and Cristmas is not about gifts" speech, THEN, and only then can he just give the boys their gifts when they wake up the next day.

Later that evening hubby sends me a picture of a gift wrapped especially by him with an email that says "from me and the boys" I'm confused considering I got my X-mas/B-day gift about a week ago (kick ass laptop!) Not sue what it is but his taste in gifts has always been awesome, As for my gift for him... I have been waiting for it to arrive (2nd day shipping )for about 2 weeks now, I finally called yesterday to find out why his black titanium ring with the silver braided cord embedded in it has not arrived only to find 'IT'S ON BACK ORDER"!!! Soooo, basically I suck for not having a gift for my sweetie to open up tomorrow.

Happy Christmas Eve everyone and enjoy your day tomorrow~

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I'm at the end of my 365 days, just celebrated my 38th birthday and I am currently preparing my self for my next career (just not sure what that is anymore~)
I currently live onboard a ship with over 3500 other personnel (aka "sailors"). Sharing a common sleeping, living, and shower area with 44 other females~ some who refuse to wash, clean, or learn to use their inside voices.. At work I am restricted from social networks where it is believed that I’ll spend my work day looking for high school buddies and ignoring "can I be your friend" stalkers that make request because you “look” hot in your profile pic.
If you are stopping by~ I'm sure it's because you are curious, read on and feel free to comment, laugh, say "what an idiot"~ do what ever it is that makes you happy while reading in your free.
Enjoy your day~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I didn't go to work today... 23 Dec '08

Today I got a day off, (after I went in late....) my plan was to do nothing but clean my house

After 19 years in the navy I have found that making plans to do anything is pretty much a dum idea. Once I got home I started cleaning my kitchen only finished half of it because I started thinking about the closet full of toys, clothes, and books that had to be wrapped for christmas. So I go pull out my many colorful rolls of wrapping paper with the bows to match and start wrapping... once you get started wrapping gifts, you get agitated when people start calling asking for stuff...

Hubby called~ wants to go to lunch. He tells me to leave now and don't mess around, I say okay... But before I can leave I have to put all the gifts away because I'm almost positive my oldest son is suppose to come home early today. Hubby calls and yells about being at the restaraunt by himself and why I'm not there yet, I tell him I'm down the stree.

We eat lunch I go back home to finish the gifts and clean house.. instead I sit on the couch and sleep. phone rings again (hubby) tells me we need to run some last minute errands. I wash my face/brush my teeth and wait for him to come home. We go to Total Wine buy 3 bottles of wine for his hairstylist (she's only getting two bottles I'm keeping the Milton Park!) We do some grocery shopping for X-mas day dinner, and then we go to pick up little boy (landon) and drop off a server to be repairs..

The day was pretty much shot after that and I have company coming over... and I have duty on X-mas eve... I'm sooo sleepy, I thnk I'm going to go ahead and call it an early night.

I had cake for breakfast..... 22 Dec '08

This morning as I rolled over in bed to look at the clock, I almost broke my toe jumping out of bed~ 1 hour late!

Once a month we hold a ceremony for those who are turning the fun age of "21" It has become a big deal for us, we start preparing for each ceremony immediatly after the current event is over. It entails us to order the cake, make reservations for PA and podium set up, find the names of ALL individuals who are turning 21 during the next month, EMAIL the names of those personnel to their supervisors so that the sups can ensure these personnel are there for the Captain to tell them "Happy Birthday"

The turning 21 ceremony is one of our many programs put together to make young adults aware that turning 21 is not just for going out there getting sh*t faced, but about making the right choices and decisions when it comes to drinking. Basically, it's alright to say "NO" to alcohol.... And if they do decide to drink, we want them to know that it is okay to use a designated driver, take a taxi, get a hotel room, stay at a friends, call a friend/co worker/supervisor to pick them up. Pretty much it's all about being safe and enjoying your 21st and all the years to come after.

Today's ceremony was planned to the letter, unfortunately NO ONE read the letter but me (well everyone got it, just not to many people showed up) Back to running late. The morning was to start at 0700 am with a captains mast (this is like a mini court for sailors who get themselves in some type of trouble ie; disrespect/dui/not going to work... you get the picture~

5 cases normally take about 2 or more hours depending on the severity... the T21C (turning 21 ceremony) starts at 0900 am. both of these events require the captains to be present. My supervisor took the mast while i made sure the T21C was set up and ready to start as soon as mast was completed. The first problem~ no participants, second problem~ no set up; PA/podium/table set up, third problem~ no candles, biggest problem~ NO CAKE!!! I'm not a betting woman or anything but I would almost bet my life on any b-day party that a cake is usually the number one priority in making the party somewhat of a success, wouldn't you agree?

After jumping through hoops, making several calls, and having my senior show up and immediatly start going off on everyone... all was ready to go seconds before the captain showed up... at the end of the ceremony, I had cake....

and it was good

Monday, December 22, 2008

day after duty.... 21 dec 08

24 hrs later...

I do a quick turnover, say later to the girl who checked in last night and start my hike from the ship to my truck. for some reason I never sleep well when i have to stay on the ship overnight, as a result, I'm dead tired and in need of sleep I WILL NOT get when i walk into my house.

Between my 3 year old yelling out "mommy" non stop and for absolutely no reason at all and giving as much attention to hubby as I possibly can (as tired as i am) my chances of getting any sleep at all are close to not happening at all.

On my way home I am doing all I can to make sure I do not fall asleep. Rolling down my window, turning up the music, singing out loud (probably should have just used my safe ride card ad called a taxi...) hey~ it's not just for those who drink!

As i get closer to home the tired goes from yawning to eyes actually tryin to close. I turn down my usual route to my hoause and run right into a road block. as i sit in a "i can't believe this state. I look past the thick white smoke into the gray cloudy sky and think... damn, i have to drive all the way around and my house is right down the street~ I'm sooo tired.

In the sublett residence, tired does not mean anthing. First thing Lonnie(hubby) says is "I need you to help me in the garage" of course i dont' want to help but I have convinced him to have coffee ready for me by the time i make it home... So in the garage I go.

The rest of the day drags, it's wet, cold, and I'm tired as ever. At 3 I get a text from Sam letting me know that she is running late (dammit, I forgot we were having company tonight... at least she's coming over to cook) Sam and Warren arrive at about 5 and she goes right to cooking, I help as needed. at about 545 we sit down for dinner. Lonnie (my husband) has been in the garage since I got home that morning so I have to run him inside long enough to eat as well. 3 year old is not even thinking about dinner and asking for ice cream as a substitute. my 14 year old has been locked up in his bedroom all day~ not quite sure what he is doing in there keeps telling me he is cleaning his room... I don't complain, his room is dirty as heck and smells like feet... cleaning his room actually sounds like a good idea now.

I have to run to the store to get bannas and granola bars for Lonnie, he has one of each every morning. On the way there I just happen to look to the left of me- there I see and smell mounds of smoldering burnt wood, nothing more. When i looked that way this morning I couldn't see anything but thick smoke, road flairs, lights from the firetrucks and police cars, and a cold gray sky. I can only imagine how these business men/women must have felt when they got the news.

I gather all the items i need for the week, head home, chat with Sam and Warren, say good night and sit on the couch unil I pass out for the night... And this is my day after duty

This is my first time meeting Warren... he's cool, Sam is feeling him and he seems to be feeling her to~ that's all good.


another duty day... 20 dec 08

duty day~

24 hour work day that starts at 0715 ends 24 hours later... you stay on the ship the whole time~

I spent the whole day updating records for all of the sailors on the ship who have had some type of alcohol related incident i.e: dui/dwi/turned over to the ship for doing something that got them in trouble (and alcohol is involved)

never a dull day, even over the weekend people find a way to get themselves in some kind of touble... what is the deal with that? my job is to supply these young adults with the tools they need to ensure they make decisions that will not get them in trouble... the biggest tool provided, a key fob to attach to their keys so if they go to the bar and have drinks they can look at the fob attached to their car keys and call a cab to get them home with no questions asked... they don't even have to have money to take the cab, kind of a ride now pay later deal we have worked out with the transportation system in the area... It suprises me that with all that is provided, many people still go out and drink and drive... what is that about?

we normally hear; i didn't feel that drunk, i didn't want to leave my car, i had planned on taking a cab but changed my mind.... heellllooo! you didn't want to leave your car? i guess if you run over a family of five you'll be happy that you didn't leave your car (now all you have to figure out is how you're going to get yourself out of jail for hurting, or better yet, killing someone because you didn't want to leave your car!)

confusion, i guess you can't save them all, be happy for the ones who take the tools you provide and use them.